‘Let’s do Salman’s Sidhu Musewala’, long live Salman Khan and Salim Khan…

‘Let’s do Salman’s Sidhu Musewala’, Salman Khan and Salim Khan threatened to kill

He received the letter when Salim Khan went out for a walk in the morning.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan and his father, writer Salim Khan, received a threatening letter from an unknown person. The letter threatened to kill him. One case has been registered at Bandra Police Station and further investigation is ongoing.

What is written in the letter?

According to the information received, Salim Khan had gone out for a walk in the morning. While sitting on a bench, they found the letter. In the letter, he and his son, actor Salman Khan, were threatened. The letter said, “Let’s do Salman Khan’s Sidhu Musewala.” After reading the letter, Salim Khan filed a complaint at the Bandra police station. The police have registered a case against an unknown person.

Greater security for Salman

Fear seems to be rampant in the entertainment world right now. A few days ago, Punjabi rapper Sidhu Musewala was shot dead. The incident took place on the second day after the Punjab government reduced security in Musewala. Now there is a big stir after this threat to Salman Khan. Salman Khan’s security has been tightened after the letter.

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