“Leave the gram growers to the wind, then pour the gram at the minister’s door”, …

Kisan Sabha warns about “Nirvani”

Kisan Sabha has warned that the government must take appropriate action against gram-producing farmers, otherwise there will be agitation to pour gram at the minister’s door.

Kisan Sabha warned that the central government should resume buying gram and the state government should also take appropriate measures against gram growers, otherwise there will be agitation to pour gram at the minister’s door.

Kisan Sabha leader Ajit Navale said: “NAFED has stopped buying grams even before the given deadline. Gram farmers have been distressed due to this government action. Farmers are in a dilemma as thousands of vehicles are parked in shopping malls across the state.

Farmers are worried because there is no guarantee that they will buy a gram

“Vehicle rates are increasing day by day and farmers are in a dilemma because they have to pay overnight charges and there is no guarantee of purchase,” he said. In the state, NAFED was in the process of buying a gram at the rate of Rs 5,230 per quintal. Priced at Rs 4,200 on the open market, the farmers opted to sell one gram to NAFED. After proper registration with NAFED, farmers can send SMS. It was sent,” said Ajit Navale.

“Regular SMS While the peasants rented vehicles and took their merchandise to the shopping centers, now the purchase is denied on the grounds that the purchase objective has been achieved. This has caused great discontent among farmers. Due to the sudden cessation of purchases on May 23, the peasants are faced with the dilemma of what to do with the merchandise brought to the centers,” said Ajit Navale.

Abolish the obligation to present income certificates to the destitute every year, demanded Kisan Sabha

Kisan Sabha has also raised the issue of the destitute. Kisan Sabha said, “In order to continue the fees under the special assistance scheme, the government has made it mandatory for beneficiaries of the scheme to submit proof of income along with proof of survival every year. Disabled, elderly, and indigent beneficiaries bear the brunt of these conditions. It is time to deprive the destitute poor of the benefits of the scheme even though they are poor as they do not show income within 21,000 on Talathi income certificates. It is unfair to force millions of indigent seniors across the state to obtain gross income certificates to exclude beneficiaries whose incomes have increased beyond counting on the fingers.”

“Employment is decreasing day by day throughout the country and poverty is increasing. Inflation, unemployment and the agrarian crisis have caused incomes to fall in all areas. At the same time, forcing all beneficiaries of the Special Assistance Regime to present their income certificates annually is equivalent to harassing the poor, the indigent, the elderly, the widows and the abandoned It is not appropriate to force all beneficiaries to present income certificates to exclude beneficiaries who are they can count on the finger of increased revenue,” Kisan Sabha reported.

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“This government decision is not only causing financial hardship for poor beneficiaries, but also for the elderly, disabled and homeless who are unable to travel,” he said. The Kisan Sabha has demanded that the state government take an alternative route to find false beneficiaries or beneficiaries whose income has increased instead of obtaining an income certificate every year and the implementation of this oppressive decision must be stopped until the government makes a decision. This demand is made to the tehsildar at the taluka level and also to the mandal and talathis officials at the village level. The Secretary of Social Welfare of the State must intervene and reverse the decision”, the demand was made.

Dr. Ajit Navale, Sadashiv Sable, Namdev Bhangre, Eknath Mengal, Dnyaneshwar Kakad, Aradhana Borhade, Suman Viranak, Jubeda Maniar, Sangeeta Salve, Vinayak Jadhav, and others signed the statement.

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