Kota students of good faith in God of this temple write their wishes for…

City News: “Getting selected in NEET 2023”, “Oh God I can focus on my studies again”, “I can get (admission) in AIIMS Delhi”, “I can get (admission) in IIT Delhi” Get it and my brother gets a job on Google”… These things are not part of any newspaper, but the wishes of students preparing for the exam written on the wall of faith built in a temple. bad thoughts of the mind, to make the family proud… whatever they are. This is a temple in Talwandi, Kota, where students come and write their wishes.

Let us tell you that every year thousands of students come to the city of Kota in Rajasthan to train with the dream of gaining admission in the country’s prestigious engineering and medical colleges, but routine, stress and expectations come to this city to fulfill their dreams. buries itself under the burden of

Students have unwavering faith in Talwandi Radhakrishna Temple

According to the priests of the Radhakrishna temple in the Talwandi area, over the years the faith of the students of this temple has become so strong that they write so many wishes on the wall that the temple has to be whitewashed every two months. He said that more than 300 students visit the temple every day and this year a record two lakh students have enrolled in various training institutes here.

The priests said that initially the temple administration took the writing of things like defacing the walls, but in the early 2000s, when some students who wrote their wishes here were successful in the IIT and medical entrance exams, the temple became popular. it was named ‘Wall of Faith’.

Because of this faith increased

Priest Kishan Bihari told PTI: “A long time ago, some students used to come here to offer prayers and write their wishes on the wall to get selected in the IIT or medical entrance exam. A few months later, the parents of two students went to the temple and donated, claiming that their children’s wishes written on the wall had come true, and it has become a tradition ever since.

wall of faith

He said: “Initially the students used to write their wishes anywhere on the wall of the temple and we tried to discourage them by telling them not to deface the temple and we also warned them of the action. But when the faith of the local people and the students became strong, we decided to make a dedicated area in the temple for this and called it ‘The Wall of Faith’.

The temple is painted every two months.

Trilok Sharma, another priest, said the temple is painted every two months as the walls are covered with wishes and there is no space left for other students to write. He said, “Every time the students come, we give them blessings and prasad and encourage them by saying that God helps only when you work hard. Hard work is the key.

Sharma said: “We talked to the students and their parents. Many times we see that students have written the university or rank of their choice. We explain to them that it is good to express feelings, but it must also be accompanied by effort”. Amid the pressure and fierce competition, the temple is also a place for students to meditate and feel good.

the students said

Pragati Sahu, a National Eligibility with Entry Test (NEET) candidate from Madhya Pradesh, said, “I have not written any of my wishes on the wall so far, but when I am sure of my readiness, I will write them around the wall.” main exam. But in the meantime, whenever I’m feeling down or under pressure, I come here and pray or meditate to feel better.”

Kashish Gupta, a student from Maharashtra preparing for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), said: “It’s not that someone writes that I want the number one spot and you’ll get it, but the popular belief is that you do your best. And then write your wishes accordingly.

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