Ketki Chitale Sharad Pawar Case: “…So how can the police arrest me?”; …

Ketki Chitale Sharad Pawar Case: “कशी So how can the police arrest me?”; Ketki denounces abuse of power by the police

Ketki also claimed that retaliatory action was taken against me by taking the police system by the hand.

Sharad Pawar Ketki Chitale case: Ketki presents her statement through petition (Representative photo)

Actress Ketki Chitale has claimed that all the FIRs filed on the basis of complaints from different police stations are illegal and my arrest is also illegal. Ketki Chitale has also filed a petition with the court seeking compensation for his violation of the individual liberty law during her arrest.

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FIRs against Ketki have been filed in various police stations in Maharashtra including Kalwa Police Station for making controversial posts against NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar. Ketki has been in custody for more than 23 days since May 15. In this case, she has now run straight to the Mumbai High Court. His lawyer, Ghanshyam Upadhyay, said that an application for an urgent hearing in Ketki’s case would be filed today (Tuesday June 7).

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Ketki was arrested on May 15 after an FIR was filed against him based on a complaint filed by a PNC official on May 14. Thane magistrate kept her in police custody until 18 May. She is then in judicial custody.

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The names of the people who filed the complaint at the police station are not mentioned in the publication’s poem. Although the allegedly offensive poem was addressed to a person named Pawar and is supposed to harm him, none of the complainants was named Pawar. No one named Pawar has filed a written complaint with the police about it. So how can the police arrest me?’ is the question Ketaki raises in the petition.

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An FIR has been filed with several state police stations for a poem in my publication. Revenge measures have been taken against me by taking the police system in hand. Several cases have been registered against me in different police stations, for fear of abuse of law and power,” Ketki alleged in the petition. Meanwhile, Ketki Chitale’s bail request is likely to be heard tomorrow in the Court of Sessions on May 8.

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