Jupiter’s Legacy for the Kid and Other Netfl Superhero Web Series…

Top 5 Superhero OTT Series: After a time on the movie screen, superhero movies and webseries are enjoying themselves in a very spectacular way. Although earlier these movies were made only with children in mind, over time the superhero series has started to be liked by everyone. Now that the OTT Platform has become all the rage, more than one series is being launched on this as well.

‘Jupiter’s Legacy’

The story of two eras has been well defined in the ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ series. This series is based on the Image comic series by Mark Miller and Frank Quitely. The public had taken the story of this brilliant series very seriously. The famous website IMDb has given it a rating of 6.7.

‘The boy’

Earning an 8.7 rating on IMDb, this action-thriller superhero series for adults created quite a stir as soon as it premiered. ‘The Boy’ is based on the DC Comics series. Viewers can enjoy this fantastic superhero series on Amazon Prime Video.

‘The Umbrella Academy’

Available on the OTT platform Netflix, ‘The Umbrella Academy’ is a very different type of superhero series. In this series, in 1989, 43 children are born to such mothers who are not pregnant. These kids have some powers and they are ready to save the world from destruction.


A wonderful story about WandaVision has been shown in this series. The public gave a lot of love to this superhero series. With this, IMDb has given it a rating of 7.9. Viewers can enjoy this series on Disney+ Hotstar.


IMDb has given this superhero series an 8.1 rating. Lucifer is inspired by the character from the DC Universe. In this, the battle of good and evil has been shown at its best. Viewers can watch this series on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

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