Jeff Bezos of Amazon sued his girlfriend’s brother, leaking intimate photos

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been sued by his girlfriend’s brother. He has said that Bezos has defamed him by accusing him of leaking intimate photos and text.

  • Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos sues his girlfriend’s brother
  • The girlfriend’s brother said that he was defamed by accusing her of leaking intimate photos
  • In a report by the National Enquirer, Bezos had revealed the extra-marital (extramarital) relationship.
  • In his lawsuit, Michael has claimed that he suffered significant losses due to Bezos’ allegations.

San Francisco Jeff Bezos, the founder of the world’s richest man and legendary e-commerce company Amazon, appears to be involved in a lawsuit. His girlfriend’s brother Michael Sanchez has sued him. Sanchez says Bezos has accused him of leaking intimate photos and text messages to the National Inquirer. He said that this accusation of Bezos has not only defamed him, but he has suffered a lot.

Disclosed extramarital affair The National Enquirer, in a report in January 2019, sparked sensation by revealing Bezos’s extra-marital (extramarital) relationship. Even the newspaper had made public the text message of the conversation between the two.
In his trial, Michael claims that he has suffered a lot due to Bezos’ allegations. He said that there was an FBI raid on his house in front of neighbors. The lawsuit also stated that he was the ‘trusted brother and manager’ of his sister Lauren Sanchez at the time things were leaked. Bezos, however, has not yet released any statement on the case.
Read: Jeff Bezos ‘girlfriend Lauren Sanchez’s brother leaked the affair The
news of receiving money from the National Enquirer
came last week after reports that Michael was asked by National Inquirer to leak intimate photos and messages with Bezos’ girlfriend. 2 million dollars was given from Lauren, however, described her brother’s lawsuit against Bezos as ‘baseless and false’.
Lauren’s brother has denied his role in the leak, stating that he has filed a lawsuit against Bezos because he wants to compensate and punish him.
What is the whole matter?
In January 2019, the tabloid newspaper National Inquirer exposed Bezos’ extramarital affair with Lauren. After this, Bezos was divorced from his wife. Bezos and Lauren Liv are currently living in a relationship. Lauren was also with Bezos on a recent tour to India.

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