“It was BJP who got Sambhaji Raje involved, Raje met Fadnavis and…

“It was BJP who shamed Sambhaji Raje, Raje met Fadnavis and asked for support”; Mentioning Raj Thackeray too, Shiv Sena’s attack

Fadnavis, who said “I’ll be back” in 2019, has never returned. They haven’t been able to break the deadlock since then.”

Shiv Sena criticizes Devendra Fadnavis with harsh words (file photo)

The issue of Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati’s candidacy in the Rajya Sabha elections by the Shiv Sena has been added to the list of policies and complaints in the state. Shiv Sena has criticized opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis on this issue. It is noteworthy that while targeting the BJP, Shiv Sena also accused the BJP of involving the MNS chairman, Raj Thackeray, in the Bhonga issue.

Surprisingly, Fadnavis asks questions about the writing of other
How come Devendra Fadnavis hasn’t gotten involved in the case of Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati of Kolhapur yet? Everyone had that question, but Fadnavis did not disappoint people. He has expressed his revolutionary views on this subject. Fadnavis went on to say that Sambhaji Raje was embarrassed by the decision to support him first and then remove him. No one takes Fadnavis’ statements seriously anymore. The BJP likes to give words and then break them when the time comes. It is surprising that Fadnavis, who has a knack for twisting words in Maharashtra in 2014 and 2019, asks questions about twisting words of others,” Shiv Sena said.

So as Fadnavis says, there is no way to understand how he got into trouble.
“The whole country knows how the BJP leadership broke its promise in the hall of Hindu chief Hriday Samrat Shiv Sena. Even after 25 years of alliance, those who break the word must add speeches about it! Fadnavis must first understand what a dilemma is by studying ‘Marathi Shabdaratnakara’. Fadnavis, who said “I’ll be back” in 2019, was unable to return. They have been unable to resolve their own dilemma ever since. Afzal Khan tried to catch Shivaraya at Pratapgad, but the Maharaja stabbed Afzal Khan in the abdomen. Panhalgad was besieged by the Mughals, but Maharaj escaped. Even at Aurangzeb’s Agra court, the Maharaja got into trouble. Maharaj broke the rope and escaped from the box. Therefore, as Fadnavis says, there is no way to understand how the dilemma happened,” Shiv Sena said on the cover of the match.

This is the pickle of the ‘Modi School’
“The word given to Sambhaji Chhatrapati was broken. Fadnavis was not present while he uttered this word etc. What happened between Shiv Sena and Sambhaji Raje is between four walls. Shiv Sena is going to contest two Rajya Sabha seats and this discussion is limited for Sambhaji Raj to become a Shiv Sena candidate without running as an independent. The two had no political dealings, so did he get along with the BJP? Fadnavis says Sharad Pawar first announced his support for Sambhaji Raja and then withdrew his support This is a slap in the face to the ‘Modi School,'” Shiv Sena said.

This is your old business
On the contrary, it was the BJP that started harassing Sambhaji Raje. Sambhaji Raje met with Fadnavis and requested support. So Fadnavis did not say, “We support Sambhaji Raja.” He did not give any concrete assurance to the king. “Let’s think,” he said. Therefore, it was the BJP that trapped Sambhaji Raje, who was trying to fight for the sixth seat. This is the old business of his,” said Shiv Sena.

BJP also did the Raj Thackeray dilemma
“Raj Thackeray was embarrassed to put ‘Bhonga’ on his shoulder. Later, by encouraging his visit to Ayodhya, he again got strong opposition from his own MP and, in a way, created a big dilemma. This is his political patron. “Shiv Sena never does that. All you have to do is speak in front of your mouth. So Fadnavis’ claim that we have snared Sambhaji Raje for sixth position is false,” said Shiv Sena.

This is pure hypocrisy
“Fadnavis and his people say that we gave Rajesaheb a seat in the Rajya Sabha (president designate). This space is not given out of his pocket. The distribution of the 12 seats designated by the President is in the hands of the ruling party and they are given to people of your choosing. There are 12 governor appointed seats in Maharashtra. Those seats have been held by Fadnavis and his governor for two and a half years. It is hypocrisy to make your place feel like your own and take the weed out of your mouth from others,” Shiv Sena said.

Fadnavis jumped to the Sambhaji Chhatrapati case, but
“The BJP and its people have started working to destabilize the social environment of Maharashtra. They leave no stone unturned to add salt to milk. BJP is allergic to the word ‘Kothala’; but Trap, Kondi seems to be their favorite word. It reappeared in the Sambhaji Raje case. Discrediting Sambhaji Raje to discredit Shiv Sena is dirty politics. These people are trying to wipe out the pure mind, honesty and openness on the soil of Maharashtra. They want to destroy the social harmony of the state, but the truth on the soil of Kolhapur is not dead yet and the integrity of the Chhatrapati Shahu family is not over now it has only been shown by the rich Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj pierced the ears of those who were doing useless politics. calling reporters at the Kolhapur palace, said the type of Rajya Sabha seat that was created did not insult the Chhatrapati dynasty Shiv Sena always respected the Chhatrapati family . I don’t think Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray has changed his mind. This is the dirty politics of all BJP members. When Chhatrapati Shahu himself expressed such a strong opinion, it seems that Fadnavis is in a dilemma. Fadnavis jumped to the Sambhaji Chhatrapati case, but it was clear that the jump failed,” he said at the end of the article.

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