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Is the Chinese government burning pigs alive to control coronavirus?



By posting the viral video, Fay Sabuk user has claimed that the Chinese government is destroying the pigs to prevent the spread of the disease. It may be corona or some other disease.

A video of pigs being burnt alive on social media is going viral. With this video, it is being claimed that the Chinese government is resorting to such measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
Many fe sabuk users are sharing this video with the claim that to prevent the spread of disease, the Chinese government is destroying the pigs. It could be corona or some other disease. ‘
India Today’s Anti-Fake News War Room (AFWA) found that the viral video is about a year old. This video was made long before the coronavirus surfaced in China.
All Facebook users like ‘Syed Mahmood Ahmed Hashmi ‘ have posted this video. The archived version of the post can be seen here ( This 85-second video is becoming increasingly viral on Facebook (

To check this claim being made with the viral video, we cut this video in keyframes and reverse-searched one of those frames. We found that this video has been available on YouTube long before the coronavirus spread in China. The video was uploaded to YouTube on January 11, 2019 , captioned, ‘Alive pigs are being burnt and buried.’

We found an article published on a Georgian website ‘ Radio Marneuli ‘ in which the screengrab of this video has been used. This article stated that the video was shot in China and a Chinese citizen posted the video on the website’s Facebook page on December 26, 2018.
Actually, in 2018, there was an African swine fever spread in China, to prevent thousands of pigs were killed in China. Many news websites had also published news about this .
In this way, it became clear in the investigation that the viral video is about a year old and has nothing to do with the coronavirus that surfaced in China.
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