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Is it safe to use FB, Facebook keeps an eye on you, this is the way of the company



Facebook has many ways to monitor you. Let us tell you about one of these methods today. Also, know how to avoid it.

  • Use Facebook or do not get your ‘special’ data to FB. 
  • Other companies share your data with Facebook.
  • Facebook has recently released the option to delete the history.

You may not even be aware of how social media website Facebook keeps an eye on you. Facebook is locked in your phone, you are using another app.

Whether shopping through an app or ordering coffee, Facebook is also eyeing your activity.
Usually, this happens when you do some shopping from a website or search for a particular product, then soon the same product starts appearing on your Facebook.
This is actually a targeted advertisement that Facebook uses. Now know about how Facebook gets your data from other websites.

Off Facebook Activity is about…

Even if you do not use Facebook, your offline data reach Facebook. Facebook has an option called Off-Facebook Activity. Recently Facebook has given the button to delete the history.

How Off-Facebook Activity Works?

Under Off Facebook Activity, other companies share your data with Facebook. This data includes the interaction you have with those companies. For example, you shop from a website or access a website through a Facebook login.
You go to an e-commerce website for shopping. Buy something here or show interest in a product. Facebook also gets this information. Facebook says that earlier those organizations are asked to inform the users about it.

With Facebook, other companies share information like this …

You buy clothes from an online store. This shop will share your activity with Facebook with the help of Facebook’s business tools. Now as soon as Facebook gets your information from another shop, it will save it in your account.
According to Facebook, this information is saved in this way – the user visited the e-commerce website and bought it from here.

Other companies share these data with you on Facebook –

  1. — Which app have you purchased?
  2. — What content are you watching?
  3. — What items are you searching.
  4. — What are add on shopping carts.
  5. — What are you buying.
  6. — Donation information
  7. — Login to an app through Facebook.
All this information is given to Facebook. Facebook says that this data is used for targeted ads. But do you trust Facebook’s claim?

Understand through this example…

According to Facebook, this is done for targeted advertising. After getting the details, when the company will sell the clothes on the e-commerce website or any offer will come, you will automatically see the advertisement of Facebook itself.

Can delete history, but targeted advertisements will not stop coming ..

Facebook said two years ago that the button to clear history is coming. After all, now this feature has been given. You can delete history from here by using it, but targeted advertisements will continue to be received.
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