India-China meeting in Chushul Moldo fails to advance deadlocked Ladakh talks…

Stand Off between India and China: After the violent clash between the Indian and Chinese army on December 9 in the Tawang sector of Arunachal Pradesh, both countries are now working on restoring peace. On Tuesday (Dec 20), the 17th round of commander-level meetings between the two countries took place in Ladakh.

At the meeting, both countries agreed to keep the peace in LAC. However, this meeting was held only to restore peace to Ladakh. Whether the issue of the Tawang crash came up in this or not has not been reported. Senior army officers were present at this high level meeting. On Thursday (Dec 22), both sides issued a joint statement giving information about the talks held at this meeting.

No significant change in Ladakh!

In the 17th round of commander-level meetings since the Galvan clash, India pressured China to withdraw troops from places like Demchok and Depsang. However, there have been no signs of any progress in the talks. At the same time, no information was provided on whether or not the issue of the Tawang standoff was raised. The joint statement said that both countries are working for the prompt resolution of the pending issues. The armies of both countries are trying to establish peace following the guidelines received from their respective governments.

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Foreign Ministry gave information about the meeting

At the same time, the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Arindam Bagchi provided information related to this meeting during a press conference. At the 17th round of India-China commander-level talks, both sides agreed to resolve relevant issues in areas along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the western sector in an “open and constructive manner,” Bagchi said. , citing a joint agreement. statement from military officials He exchanged views with.

They agreed to establish peace in LAC

He said: “At this meeting, both sides agreed to maintain security and stability on the ground in the western sector. Both sides agreed to stay in close contact and maintain dialogue through military and diplomatic channels, as well as resolve outstanding issues in the before”. They agreed to work on a mutually acceptable solution”. Previously, the last meeting was held on July 17, 2022. Even after the conversation on July 17, both sides issued a joint statement. In which it was said that in The meeting both kept their words open and talked about the issues seriously.

17th round of talks since the confrontation with Galván

Even in the 17th round of commander-level talks, both countries reiterated that it is necessary to resolve outstanding issues as soon as possible to achieve peace in LAC. Both countries reiterated that the talks will continue and these issues will be resolved through military and diplomatic talks. Let us tell you that after the violent clash at Galvan in Ladakh, the military officers of both countries are still trying to establish peace by meeting while recently there was a clash at Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.

Mutual accusations over the Tawang clash

China had blamed the Indian Army for the Tawang standoff. The Chinese army claimed that Indian Army soldiers had illegally crossed the disputed border, sparking the skirmish. At the same time, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also blamed Chinese soldiers for the violent clash in Tawang. He had said in Parliament that the Chinese soldiers had tried to infiltrate, but the Indian soldiers gave a proper response to China.

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