If a student is failing because he’s ‘d’, then at least looking at his neighbor…

BJP MP Pritam Munde, citing the example of Madhya Pradesh on the OBC reservation issue, has strongly attacked the Mahavikasaghadi government in Maharashtra. Why doesn’t the Maharashtra government get what Madhya Pradesh got? This question has been raised by Pritam Munde. MP Munde criticized the state government, saying: “If you are failing as a student, you must go through cheating by looking at your neighbours.” She was speaking at a press conference held at Beed.

Pritam Munde said: “I do not agree with the observation that the BJP was on the defensive until the OBC booking decision was made in Madhya Pradesh. BJP has carried out the agitation in the whole state. We are raising this problem from time to time. But unfortunately the data that the state government is expected to present, if the state government is not doing what we can do. The central government is not interfering.

“If the state government doesn’t do what it wants to do, then”

“The state government will not do what it is supposed to do and sadly if the Electoral Commission holds an election all that remains is for the BJP to do justice to the CBOs in the BJP ruled state. Madhya Pradesh has won this battle, so Madhya Pradesh has set an example. Others should follow suit,” said Pritam Munde.

“If a student is so ‘bad’ that he is failing, at least copy and pass”

“I studied until MD, but I have never cheated in my life. I don’t even support copying, but if a student is so ‘bad’ that they’re failing, then there’s a realistic expectation from the state government today that they should get at least enough grades to pass by looking at their neighbors,” he said. Pritam World.

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