IAS Officer ‘Wavade’ to OBC Department! – To a non-collegiate officer…

IAS Officer ‘Wavade’ to OBC Department! – Additional Duties from Principal to Non-Collegiate Officer

As Director Dilip Halde was ill, Under Secretary Gawde was given an additional charge.

Rajeshwar Thackeray, Loksatta

Nagpur : Overseas Bahujan Welfare Directorate (OBC), created to implement various welfare schemes for economic, social and educational development of OBC, VJ, NT and SBC categories, has the ‘Wavade’ of an officer in the Indian Administrative Service. Although the director of this department has the rank of chartered officer, ie IAS, the additional duties of him are constantly assigned to non-chartered officers. This is the third time such an appointment has been made.

The state has a large number of people belonging to scheduled castes, nomadic tribes, other backward classes and special backward classes. This majority society is deprived of social, educational and economic improvement. Therefore, there is a demand to conduct a census of CBOs, as well as to make adequate provision in the budget for them. However, the picture is that the right person is not being hired in the right place to implement the welfare plan, to spend the available funds. In fact, this account was created on March 9, 2017 for the effective implementation of various schemes for the economic, social and educational development of this community. However, the department has not yet received the necessary officers and staff. As there must be a discretionary official in the position of director of the department, the additional functions of this position are delegated to the Deputy Secretary, Additional Commissioner, Deputy Secretary.

As Director Dilip Halde was ill, Under Secretary Gawde was given an additional charge. After Halde retired, the Additional Commissioner for Social Welfare DD at the head was given an additional position. After some employees filed a complaint against him, Siddharth Zalte, Undersecretary of the Social Welfare Department of Other Backward Bahujan, was assigned an additional position. Zalte will also hold the position of director of the OBC in addition to his usual position of deputy secretary. Collegiate Officer Abhimanyu Kale has been transferred and appointed as Director of the Bahujan Welfare Department for other overdue classes. Former director Dilip Halde retired on March 31, 2022. But blacks did not take root. He was later assigned to another department. Nitin Chaudhary, coordinator of the National Mukti Morcha OBC, alleged that the position of director of the OBC department was being devalued by handing it over to a non-commissioned officer.

Undersecretary’s Order

Jayant Janbandhu, Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of OBC, ordered to remove the additional post of Director of OBC from Additional Commissioner (Social Welfare) Dinesh Doke and hand it over to Deputy Secretary (Other Kalyan Backward Bahujan) Siddharth Zolte.

Website title: Non-IAS Officers Designated for the OBC ZWS Department

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