“I don’t know the Solapur BJP MPs”, Supriya Sule…

“I don’t know the BJP MPs from Solapur,” Jayasiddheshwar Swami Maharaj said of Supriya Sule’s statement.

MP Jay Siddheshwar Swamy reacted to the media on Supriya Sule’s statement that she does not know Jay Siddheshwar Swami Maharaj.

Supriya Sule and Jayasiddheshwar Swami Maharaj

After NCP Supriya Sule MP’s visit to Solapur, BJP MP from Solapur, Dr. Jayasiddheshwar replied that she did not know Swami Maharaj. After this, the now deputy Jay Siddheshwar Swamy reacted to this statement by Supriya Sule in front of the media. “Supriya Sule may not know me, but I know her,” said Jay Siddheshwar Swami Maharaj. BJP leader Subhash Deshmukh was also present at the press conference.

BJP Jayasiddheshwar MP Swami Maharaj said: “MP Supriya Sule may not know me, but I know her. Now, even if I stand in front of them, they don’t know me, I can’t say anything. We have met two or three times. However, there have been no discussions with him about development work at Solapur. Because we kept in touch with the people we wanted to talk to.”

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“We have been interacting with Joshi and others in the cabinet. Because of this, I have not spoken with Supriya Sule,” Jayasiddheshwar Swami Maharaj said.

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