“I am going to ask Brahma how he came to this Baramati fort after my death”; …

The NCP had called a meeting of NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar and Brahmin organizations in Pune in the context of growing ethnic divisions in the state and allegations of anti-Brahmin sentiments. After that, Pawar had made it clear that he did not support anti-Brahmin statements. At the time, Sharad Pawar had also commented on the reservation of the Brahmin community. Speaking of this, the leader of Rayat Kranti Sanghatana, former Minister Sadabhau Khot, has criticized Sharad Pawar. Atpadi farmers were speaking at the meeting.

“The Brahmin community did not ask for the reservation, but Sharad Pawar tweeted that he should not oppose the reservation of others. But he never said that. I am going to ask Brahma how this Baramati fort came to be after my death. How did this guy get so smart? He will also ask Brahmadeva what spare part was inserted into them. I think they must have fled missing Brahma. Such a tall man will never be found in politics. These churches have done the job of plundering Maharashtra So I join the farmers and request that we want to get rid of this government,” said Sadabhau Khot.

Cannabis herb should be planted this year. Because cannabis herb is allowed. After finding marijuana in Nawab Malik’s Javaya, he said it was herbal tobacco. So let us unanimously demand that we give herbal tobacco seeds so that our poverty will disappear. Because you can’t give us anything. “Anyone who speaks up is charged and jailed,” Khot said.

“Why do you bother us? We are broken people. We have nothing left, nothing behind us. Do not follow our advice. We are already naked but remember that we will not leave you naked in the square,” Khot warned.

You will never know what spare part Sharad Pawar is made of – NCP

“Thanks to Sadabhau Khot for acknowledging that Sharad Pawar is smart. You will never know what spare part Sharad Pawar is made of. Because your eyes are full of hate. The common man in Maharashtra will say that Sharad Pawar has succeeded with the leftover part of love, service , authorship, foresight. So even if you have many births, Sharad Pawar will not know about it”, is the answer given by NCP.

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