“I am a perverted politician to those people”, Rupali Patil’s venom on Gopichand Padalkar…

“I am a perverted politician for those people”, Rupali Patil’s venomous criticism of Gopichand Padalkar

The leader of the NCP, Rupali Patil, has harshly criticized Gopichand Padalkar.

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The leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Gopichand Padalkar, always criticizes the NCP chairman, Sharad Pawar, and Pawar’s family for one reason or another. He now he has come back to criticize Sharad Pawar at a lower level. Following criticism of him, the BJP has remained silent and PNC leaders criticize Padalkar. NCP leader Rupali Patil has also harshly criticized Gopichand Padalkar.

When asked about the criticism made of Sharad Pawar, Rupali Patil said: “Gopichand Padalkar is a BJP MLA. I would call those people politically perverted offspring. He is constantly attacking Sharad Pawar and Pawar’s family. The BJP leaders consider themselves cultured, but these are the feelings of the same people. Only he can’t speak, so he leaves a perverted person like Gopichand Padalkar in Pawar’s body,” Rupali Patil said with such harsh words.

He further said, “Since Gopichand Padalkar belongs to Dhangar Samaj, BJP has made him an MLA. He always criticizes Sharad Pawar to please his boss. BJP also used Mahadev Jankar who also criticized Sharad Pawar as Padalkar. But it was done wise over time and came out of it. But BJP always wants to target Sharad Pawar.”

The BJP is using Gopichand Padalkar to create doubts about Pawar, raise questions, lower the level of politics. Still, she said. She also praised the action taken against former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma for making insulting comments about the Prophet Muhammad.

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