humiliation of women will not be tolerated under any circumstances nec mp…

Jalgaon: In Pune, BJP workers raised their hands against NCP women workers who insisted on meeting with union minister Smriti Irani on the issue of inflation. Whatever the party or political views; But the humiliation of women will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If I raise my hand against a woman of any party, I will break her hand and give it to her. Presented by Supriya Sule.

The Nationalist Party of the Congress (NCP) carried out this Tuesday a mobilization in front of the District Collection against inflation. On this occasion, Deputy Sule provided guidance. A BJP leader raised his hand against a woman. Is this our culture? If this happens again, we will come forward and file a case against them. See no end to women’s resistance. This trend must stop somewhere. We will demand justice by law. “We will not stop until all three are punished,” Sule said.

no injustice in marathi

Nowadays, many people have started to speak in Hindi. They have forgotten the Marathi. He speaks in Hindi; But do not do injustice to our Marathi. Marathi is our mother who cannot do justice to her mother what justice will she give others MP Supriya Sule not to mention the name of opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis Sushma Swaraj was a great BJP leader. However, she was not given a ministerial post when she came to power. She said that it is time to think about the question of who will think of you as doing an injustice to the women in her own house.

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