How do you know in advance that ED will take action? Kirit Somaiya himself gave…

The political atmosphere has heated up after the ED raided the residence of Shiv Sena leader and Transport Minister Anil Parab in Mumbai. Shiv Sena is criticizing BJP. The BJP is also giving the same response to Shiv Sena. Even before this, many leading Mahavikas Aghadi have been investigated by the ED and the Income Tax Department. Many of these leaders have already been indicted by BJP leader Kirit Somaiya. Only after action has been taken against the leaders of Mahavikas Aghadi. For this reason, the question always arises as to how Somaiya first obtains the information about the action from ED and the Income Tax Department. This question has now been answered by Kirit Somaiya himself.

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“When a complaint is filed, a commitment is made during the hearing. I would have given this case my full attention. So I can understand that right away. A closer look at the complaint filed against Anil Parab in Dapoli court reveals that the complaint contained false documents and fraud written by the Indian government. Income tax department raided. Sadanand Kadam’s auditor replied in writing that Rs 7 crore had passed through Sadanand Kadam’s account. However, Anil Parab said that Rs. Therefore, it is clear that Anil Parab will have to go to jail, Kirit Somaiya said.

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Also, when answering the question of how the ED and the Department of Income Taxes understand the action in advance, he said: “If there is an ED, I will send it to the Department of Income Taxes. Your problem is going to jail “. People of Maharashtra have no say on who says first and who says later. People of Maharashtra are happy that those who looted Maharashtra are going to jail,” explained Kirit Somaiya.

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