Horrible tanker and petrol truck accident in Chandrapur, fire started after accident…

At least nine people have died in a fire in Ajaypur on the Chandrapur-Mul highway. Two trucks collided head-on near the town of Ajaypur on Thursday night. A tanker truck carrying diesel and a truck carrying wood collided head-on. Diesel in the tanker caused a large fire after the accident. The truck’s tires burst and the fire spread. The fire was put out by the Mul-Chandrapur fire brigade after great efforts. The bodies of the passengers who died in the fire were reduced to ashes.

What exactly happened?

At around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday 19 May, a truck carrying firewood from Wadsa to Chandrapur collided head-on with an MH31 CQ2770 truck and a MH40BG4060 diesel tanker heading to Mul from Chandrapur. The fire engulfed the entire truck and its 9 occupants.

Ajay Sudhakar Dongre, 30, from Ballarpur, Prashant Manohar Nagarale, 33, Mangesh Pralhad Tiple, 30, Mahipal Parchake, 25, Balkrishna Tukaram Telang, 46, Sainath Bapuji Kodape, 40, will stay in the firewood truck Sandeep Ravindra Atram Ra . All the workers from Tohogaon Kothari came to Chandrapur to unload the wood.

The driver of the diesel tanker was 35-year-old Hanif Khan. Amravati, the driver Ajay Patil Wardha, 35, died in the truck fire.

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