Heat waves instead of rain; Obstruction of monsoon winds entering Maharashtra;…

Heat waves instead of rain; Obstruction of the entry of monsoon winds in Maharashtra; High temperature in Vidarbha

According to the weather department, most people in the state, expecting the rains, have to put up with the heat.

Pune: According to the meteorological department, most of the people in the state, expecting the rains, have to endure the heat waves. Due to the unfavorable travel environment of the Arabian Sea branch of the southwest monsoon, its entry into Maharashtra has been hampered. For the past three days, monsoon rains have lashed Karnataka.

However, the Bay of Bengal monsoon branch is making rapid progress. On Friday (June 3), the rains entered the northeastern states and reached the foothills of the Himalayas. Dry, hot winds from the north have brought heatwaves to many parts of northern India, including Vidarbha, and are expected to continue for another two days, the weather department said.

Monsoon rains along the Arabian Sea entered Kerala on May 29. Then, on May 31, it hit the caravan from Karnataka. Due to the favorable weather conditions just a short distance from Goa, the monsoon rains will reach Kerala in two days. Conditions turned unfavorable for monsoon rains as winds died down a bit. Therefore, the monsoon rains could not continue during the last three days. Along the Bay of Bengal, however, monsoon rains have hit hard. In the past three days, it has entered most of the Bay of Bengal, passing through Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and parts of West Bengal.

Due to the onset of the monsoon, heavy rains are currently falling in West Bengal, including the northeastern states. Rain is expected in the area for the next five days. Meghalaya is forecast to receive heavy rain. It will rain for five days in parts of Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

New water forecast for Monday..

The state will receive light to moderate pre-monsoon rains for the next two to three days. Precipitation in Konkan will decrease to some extent. However, the weather department has forecast showers and downpours in scattered locations across the rest of the state beginning June 6.

Fever for two more days.

In the northern and central states of India, however, the maximum temperature has risen, generating heat waves in some areas. In Vidarbha, the temperature will be higher for two more days. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana have a heat wave in the southern part.

High heat record.

  • Vidarbha has been experiencing a heat wave since Thursday (June 2). Chandrapur recorded a maximum temperature of 46.8 degrees Celsius on this day.
  • This temperature became the highest in the country. On Friday (June 3), Chandrapur’s mercury was 46.4 degrees.
  • Nagpur and Brahmapuri recorded 46.2 and 46.1 degrees Celsius respectively. Gondia recorded 45.4 degrees Celsius, Wardha 45.2 degrees Celsius and Amravati 43 degrees Celsius.

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