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Health insurance schemes / companies are not showing interest, seeking applications again for the fourth time



Jaipur. The controversy over payment of crores of health insurance in the state and withholding of claim bills has increased so much that the government had to extend the date for the fourth time for the new application of the 2-year project. For the last one and a half months, the game of seeking applications for the responsibility of getting out the old company and passing the health insurance claims of about 1.10 crore families across Rajasthan to the new company has been going on. 

Tenders are also being sought online, but the government fears that if no new company comes in addition to the old company, then the government will be forced to give the same work for 2 years. Already since 2015, New India Assurance Company (NIA) is looking after health insurance. By repeatedly advancing the selection of the new company, the government is neither able to oust the NIA nor the new company is being selected, so according to the conditions, the old term is being asked to extend one month only. .
It is worth noting that every year about 900 to 1100 crore rupees are spent on free treatment, examination of the public through the Ayushman Bharat Mahatma Gandhi Rajasthan Health Insurance Scheme, in which the health insurance holder company passes the bills of all the hospitals. In the first Bhamashah Health Insurance Scheme, about 90 lakh families were connected, since September 1, families of Ayushman Bharat were also merged, due to this the total insured families increased to 1.10 crore. Every person has the right to health insurance claims up to five lakh rupees in the pre-defined guide line of the center’s plan. 
In this way, the increased date-by-date 
First: Ask for applications for new company by 11 November, Tender was to be opened on 20
November Second: Ask for online applications by 25 November, Tender was to be opened by 26 November
Third: Ask for applications from new company by 2 December, Bid opened on 3 December Jani Thi
IV: Now seeking applications till 16 December under new date, bid to be opened on 17
Will the date increase even for the fifth time
It appears four times on the date, yet the government is not sure that enough applications have come. Looking at the situation till December 17, it seems that the whole month will be spent on extending the dates. Applications can also be sought for the fifth time. Due to bidding through online system, officers are confused and the date is being extended repeatedly.
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