He left his children for love.

She left her children for love, betrayed by her best lover; Find the Laker now; What exactly happened in Nagpur?

The woman’s husband died a year ago. So she was working on the construction of the building with her three and two year old daughters.

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Anil Kamble, Nagpur : After the death of her husband, a woman with two children became engaged to a young man from Nagpur. After their love story deepened, they decided to get married. After her parents agreed, she decided to leave her two children behind and support her boyfriend. Leaving the two children at the Nagpur railway station, she ran away with her lover. However, within days, her in-laws learned that her daughter-in-law was the mother of two children. They kicked her out of the house. The girlfriend, who left her children in the air for her boyfriend, now remembers the children and is trying to stop them with the help of the police. The story of a movie has been revealed in Nagpur.

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According to sources, Priya (name changed) is originally from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. Her husband died a year ago. So she was working on the construction of the building with her three and two year old daughters. There, Vijay (name changed), a young man from Nagpur, worked as a farmhand. While he worked, he helped his lonely girlfriend. After the two were introduced, their threads matched. Vijay returned to Nagpur after the completion of the work. Even after that, both Priya and Vijay kept in touch.

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So the couple decided to get married. Vijay agreed to the marriage after discussing it with his parents. However, he asked to think of both children. He foresaw that his parents would not accept it. Priya decided to leave the children for love. But her Priya got into trouble after realizing that her father-in-law couldn’t know and that Maher’s people wouldn’t keep the children. She decided to leave the children in the air with a stone in her heart.

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The children were dropped off at the train station.

Priya arrived at the Nagpur railway station on the morning of May 31 with her two children. She left her two children at the train station and ran away with her boyfriend. The railway police then arrested the two children and called the children’s line members. The children were then handed over to a private kindergarten in Shraddhanandpeth. Currently both children are in this kindergarten.

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The father-in-law kicked him out of the house.

Leaving the children in the air, Priya started the world with victory. However, a few days after the marriage, the parents-in-law discovered that her daughter-in-law was the mother of two children. So they got into a fight with her and kicked her out of the house. Even Vijay didn’t object to her parents at that time.

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Remembering the children after their father-in-law took them out of the house

Meanwhile, Priya reminisces about her two children as her boyfriend left too. Currently, the state of the woman is such that she has lost her boyfriend and her children. In such a situation, she arrived back at the train station. She met with the railway police and asked about the children. Police viewed CCTV footage. It was noted that Priya had left the children. It was learned that a legal process is underway to seize the children.

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