Happy Birthday to Nitin Gadkari by Sanjay Raut; He said, “They…

Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari turns 65 today. There is an all-encompassing friendship with his work. Since the Shiv Sena has been waging a fight against the BJP for some time now, both the parties and their leaders are making accusations against each other. However, today putting aside these accusations, Shiv Sena MP and spokesman Sanjay Raut praised Nitin Gadkari. Raut, who is visiting Kolhapur from today, wished Gadkari well, saying that Gadkari has done 90 percent of the development work shown by the Modi government.

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“Ninety percent of the development shown is the work of Nitin Gadkari. There will be roads, there will be flyovers. He worked up to the borders of the country. Good roads have been built, flyovers have been built, means of communication have been created, the Credit for this must be given to Nitin Gadkari,” Raut said, praising Gadkari.

“He is a simple man but he has a vision of development. If there is any leader after Sharad Pawar who has a development vision and does not bring politics into development work, it is Nitin Gadkari,” said Raut. Also, “He (Gadkari) is from Maharashtra, so I am always proud of him. It will be clear from the work done by Nitin Gadkari in the last seven years what is the contribution of Maharashtra in the development of the country,” Raut said while praised Gadkari.

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Although Gadkari is the leader of the BJP, all political parties and leaders are his supporters. Criticisms are made, but Gadkari’s criticisms are never distorted. They are fruitful in nature but pure in nature. I wish you a long and healthy life on my behalf, on behalf of my party,” Raut said.

Meanwhile, speaking about the Kolhapur tour, Raut said: “The party chief has given me the responsibility of Kolhapur. Let us make efforts for the growth of the party through three days of meetings, meetings, Shiv Sampark Abhiyan.”

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