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Google is about to launch Cloud VPS in India – Google VPS Cloud – All you need to know



The trend of google cloud has gained momentum in the IT industry. If you do business – big or small, then you must have heard about Cloud. Let us know what is Cloud or Cloud computing or Cloud technology?

What is Cloud?

Cloud or google cloud computing is such a modern technology that you can develop your IT capabilities according to your wish or according to the needs of your business and can use them anywhere – at any office, home or holiday. Because the google cloud is accessible through a network such as the Internet. It provides ‘as a service’ to IT capabilities, such as software applications, storage, network, interface, infrastructure etc.

Cloud not only increases the efficiency of the workforce but it is also very economical.

Benefits of Cloud:

Let us know in detail how Cloud can be beneficial for your business:

Affordable: Customers do not have to make any investment in their infrastructure i.e. infrastructure or equipment, hence Cloud proves to be very economical in the long run.

In addition, you have to pay the google cloud service provider based on the demand for your resources through the ‘pay as you go’ method. In this way the customer avoids making any unnecessary or additional payments and only pays as much as the resources used by his business – less resources and less resources and more resources.

Safe: If your laptop or business phone is lost, your critical business data also goes with it and it is not less than a terrible tragedy for you. But if your data is stored in the google cloud-like in OneDrive, then you have absolutely no need to fear, because you can access it using any device or machine. And you can also wipe all critical data remotely from your lost device. 4

Increased efficiency: Optimal resource efficiencies are used in Cloud, so Cloud solutions prove to be very beneficial.

Cloud not only enhances the efficiency of your business but also increases the efficiency of your employees because Cloud applications can be used by employees not only outside the office but anywhere – their mails, documents, everything, so with the help of google cloud In the sense, ‘office on the go’ comes true.

Google Cloud VPS
Google Cloud VPS Servers

Elastic and scalable: 

Whether it is bandwidth, storage or any other resource, everything can be increased and reduced according to the demand of your business in the google cloud. This is much better than those old methods of hosting in which you are given the prescribed resources and you have to pay in full whether you use them or not.

Avoidance of downtime: 

Cloud is a network of interconnected servers. So if a node fails at all times, the entire google cloud node takes up its load, so your site if it is on a google cloud server, or google cloud services, never gets down.

Disaster recovery: 

Large businesses can afford additional IT resources for disaster management, but this is an additional expense for SMBs because the IT resources used for disaster management remain empty that the disaster They will be used during Cloud provides SMBs with a low cost and safe disaster recovery mechanism.


Cloud saves energy and provides efficient technical solutions to your business by emitting lower carbon percentages through efficient use of resources.

Promoting new experiments: 

If you are a developer, tester or IT engineer, you can easily test your experiments through the google cloud – without damaging the live environment and changing these google cloud test infrastructure repeatedly according to the testing It may prove to be very economical compared to changes in the real environment.

If you want to know more about Cloud, please contact us through comments, and you will also be told how our article

google cloud vps pricing:

Iowa (us-central1)


Machine type Virtual CPUs Memory Price (USD) Preemptible price (USD)
n1-standard-1 1 3.75GB $24.2725 $7.30
n1-standard-2 2 7.5GB $48.5500 $14.60
n1-standard-4 4 15GB $97.0900 $29.20
n1-standard-8 8 30GB $194.1800 $58.40
n1-standard-16 16 60GB $388.3600 $116.80
n1-standard-32 32 120GB $776.7200 $233.60
n1-standard-64 64 240GB $1553.4400 $467.20
Skylake Platform only
96 360GB $2330.1600 $700.80
Custom machine type
If your ideal machine shape is in between two predefined types, using a custom machine type could save you as much as 40%. Read more about Custom Machine Types.

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

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