Today, the ED raided the home of Shiv Sena leader and state transport minister Anil Parab in Bandra and other places in Mumbai-Pune-Ratnagiri. An investigation into Anil Parab’s financial misconduct case is ongoing. It also came to light that the resort in Dapoli, which was reported by Kirit Somaiya, was raided. The allegations have now started to circulate in political circles in the state and the Deputy Chief Minister and NCP leader, Ajit Pawar, has given a response on the matter. Although he claims that he is the prerogative of the investigating agencies, Ajich Pawar has also used tola with suggestive words.

This morning, ED officials arrived at Anil Parab’s official residence on Marine Drive and his home in Bandra. These raids have been carried out in 7 different places related to Anil Parab. BJP leader Kirit Somaiya has warned that Anil Parab will have to go to jail along with Anil Deshmukh and Nawab Malik. In this context, accusations have been made.

“In the case of my relatives too.”

Meanwhile, speaking about it, Ajit Pawar referred to the raids carried out by the Income Tax Department on his family. He was speaking at a press conference here today. “The central government uses its powers in different ways. In the past, the income tax, CBI and ED took action in many cases. Income tax was also imposed on my relatives. They have the right to investigate. I understand that the action is still going on, but on what basis is action being taken?” He raised such a question.

Anil Parab ED Raid: ED raids the home of Shiv Sena leader Anil Parab; The action started in Mumbai, Pune and Ratnagiri

“Some people talk and then it happens that way”

“Even in the past, some people used to say that now it is Amakya’s number, Tamakya’s number. Some people talk and then it happens that way. There is no one to investigate transparently without any interference from such systems. The rules they give them the right to investigate. But everyone has a reasonable expectation that it should not be abused,” he said.

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