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Former GOP Chief Challenges Barbour’s Account Point by Point



Point by point, a previous GOP leader contradicted former party chairman Haley Barbour’s contention that he didn’t seek foreign money to help the party take back Congress in 1994.

Former party chairman Richard Richards testified at the Senate’s fund-raising hearings Friday that Barbour told him a $2.1 million loan Richards helped negotiate was intended to finance GOP congressional campaigns.

Richards said Barbour told him the loan was “an urgent thing” because “he needed to withdraw RNC monies” previously lent to a GOP think tank.

“`He said that the purpose was to assist in the election of 60 potential new congressmen,” said Richards, who headed the party in the early 1980s.

Mark Wilson/Reuters
Former Republican National Committee chairman Richard Richards

Senate Democrats pointed to what they called glaring inconsistencies between Barbour’s account of the loan transaction and the versions of several other witnesses.

“We have some very significant contradictions,” Carl Levin of Michigan said during a break in Richards’ testimony.

But Ed Gillespie, a spokesman for Barbour, said the former GOP chairman “never told Dick Richards that the loan guarantee was to help the RNC win 60 House seats.”

Besides disavowing the loan’s connection with campaign needs, Barbour testified Thursday that he didn’t know the money was from a Hong Kong business owned by Ambrous Tung Young. He said he thought it was from a U.S. subsidiary of the firm.

Like several other witnesses, Richards said he told Barbour before the loan was made in October 1994 that the collateral would come from Hong Kong. “I told him the money would be transferred from Young Brothers Hong Kong to Young Brothers (USA),” Richards said.

Richards’ testimony concluded three days of Senate hearings on Republican fund-raising abuses.

Next week, the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee is scheduled to conclude the summer phase of its hearings by focusing on Democratic fund-raiser Yah Lin “Charlie” Trie, who delivered more than $600,000 to President Clinton’s legal defense fund, money that was eventually returned.

Asked about Barbour’s testimony that the extra money from the loan was not needed by the cash-rich GOP, Richards said: “If we thought they were flush with money we probably would not have entered into the discussion.”

The GOP think tank, the National Policy Forum, paid $1.6 million to an RNC account used to help state party organizations. Once transferred to the state parties, money could be used for get-out-the-vote efforts and other campaign-related expenses.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., said it was clear “money starting out in Hong Kong ended up in an American campaign.”

Richards said he advised Barbour in 1995 against asking Young to forgive the loan guarantee. “I said don’t do that, it would be offensive to Mr. Young and it was offensive to me.”

The request was made anyway, and Young refused it, telling Richards “he wanted to be helpful to the party but he couldn’t forgive the loan.”

After the loan went into default, Richards tried to collect Young’s forfeited collateral because Barbour had promised the party would make good on any loss.

Barbour told him, “I am not going to pay a soft money loan with hard money,” Richards said. “I said, `Mr. Chairman, I don’t care what you pay it with, we simply want you to pay the loan.”‘

“I was quite disappointed in that,” Richards said.

The RNC eventually agreed to pay $745,000 to cover less than half the forfeited collateral.

“If it wasn’t felt there was an obligation, they shouldn’t have paid back half of it,” said Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., the panel’s chairman.

RNC spokeswoman Mary Crawford the RNC had no plans to repay Young the additional $800,000. “If there is an obligation, that obligation clearly belongs with the NPF, not the RNC,” Crawford said.

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Sambhaji Raje rejects Shiv Sena’s proposal? He declined the invitation and went to Kolhapur…




It has been stipulated that Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje from Kolhapur should join Shiv Sena for Rajya Sabha candidacy. However, Sambhaji Raje is not in favor of joining Shiv Sena. He has said that the support must be given as a great development front. Meanwhile, Sambhaji Raje has already left for Kolhapur ahead of the meeting at 12 noon. Therefore, there is talk that Sambhaji Raje has turned his back on Shiv Sena’s invitation to enter the party.

Sambhaji Raje was invited to join the party by Shiv Sena. Sambhaji Raje was to meet the Chief Minister and Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray at Varsha Bungalow at 12 noon today. But Sambhaji Raje has gone to Kolhapur and avoided the visit. Therefore, it is said that he will not join Shiv Sena.

Sambhaji Raje reluctant to join Shiv Sena; Demand for support from Mahavikas Aghadi

Sambhaji Raje from Kolhapur, who has declared running in the Rajya Sabha elections as an independent, is due to join the Shiv Sena on Monday. Shiv Sena will give the Rajya Sabha nomination, said Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s message was delivered to Sambhaji Raje. A Shiv Sena minister also met with Sambhaji Raje. Sambhaji Raje is not ready to join Shiv Sena. On the other hand, he has given a proposal to Shiv Sena and NCP to give additional votes of Mahavikas Aghadi. The deadline for submitting applications is 31.

Shiv Sena has announced that it will contest for two of the six seats in the Rajya Sabha. Sanjay Raut’s candidacy for a seat is considered secure. Sambhaji Raje was appointed as a nominated member of the Rajya Sabha six years ago on behalf of BJP. Even then, Sambhaji Raje served as MP for six years as an independent. He too this time is preparing to stand for election as an independent. But it’s impossible to match the math of victory if the independents fight. Although BJP has an additional 22 votes, it will be challenged for an additional 20 votes.

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Major police action to stop bullying in Kalyan; Against 12 thugs…




Sachin Gunjal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Kalyan Circle 3, has led action against the mass vandalism that has been on the rise in Kalyan-Dombivali in recent days. After cracking down on criminals in Sarai under the MPDA to curb the rise in crime, the Kalyan Coal Mining Police has now cracked down on 12 defendants arrested and involved in a ransom case. This is the first case in Kalyan where 12 defendants have been attacked at the same time.

The crimes like robbery, robbery, robbery, night riots, vehicle vandalism, etc. have increased in Kalyan-Dombivali. Especially in the eastern part of Kalyan, local gangsters have been trying to terrorize people for the past few days. There have been many incidents of swords, iron spears, canes, shooting during birthday parties, etc. In this context, DCP Sachin Gunjal had instructed ACP Umesh Mane-Patil from Kalyan and ACP Jay More from Dombivali to catch the culprits and stop the crime. Consequently, the police registered a case against 12 defendants in connection with the robbery and assault that took place in Kalyan East on April 14 and arrested 8 of them. One of the accused is a minor, while the police are looking for the rest of the accused. All of the defendants have been charged with murder, kidnapping, extortion, robbery and intimidation.

Since 12 to 17 cases have been registered against each of the accused, it becomes clear that all the accused are criminals in Sarai. ACP Umesh Mane Patil said action was taken against all defendants under the Offenses Against Collectives Act (MOCCA). Eight of the accused have been arrested by police and the search for the remaining four continues, Deputy Commissioner of Police Umesh Mane Patil said.

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“Tai… how am I going to live without you”, said the younger sister when she saw her hanged on the gallows…




The eldest daughter committed suicide by hanging herself as she was fed up with her parents’ constant fights at home. Seeing her sister hanged on the gallows, her younger sister also tried to commit suicide by consuming poison by writing a suicide note saying, “Tai, how can I live without you? I also want to go with you.” She was rushed to a private hospital where she was pronounced dead at the scene. The incident took place in the Gorewada area. Witness Amritlal Tiwari (16, resident of Madhavnagar) is the name of the girl who committed suicide. Sakshi Tiwari (15) is the name of the girl who is undergoing treatment at the hospital.

According to the police, Amritlal Tiwari is associated with RKM and works at the train station. He is survived by his wife, his daughters Sakshi, Shivangi and his son Amit (11). Amritlal was always arguing with his wife about his wife’s property. He is addicted to alcohol. Husbands and wives often fight over alcohol and money. As a result, the atmosphere in the house was polluted.

Sakshi, who is 11 years old, and Shivangi, who is 9 years old, were fed up with their father’s nature. So he often thought about committing suicide. The two began to spend the day explaining to each other. The witness decided to commit suicide on his own as the parents had been arguing for two days. The witness committed suicide by hanging himself in the bedroom at 11 am on Sunday. Shivangi, who had gone to bathe, came out and saw his sister hanging from him. So he immediately took the pen notebook. In it he wrote that he was bored by the fight between his parents. Also, Tai, I’m going with you too.

Mankapur Police immediately rushed to the scene and took Shivangi to hospital while the witness’s body was transferred to Mayo Hospital. Mankapur police recorded one accidental death in the case.

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