Farmers state protest through Gram Sabha in Punatamba…

Corset : The state government must resolve several farmers’ problems within a week, otherwise the dam upheaval will start from June 1 in Puntambe. After that, by holding a statewide agitation until June 5, the farmers decided to mobilize the government for a response. In this Gram Sabha, resolutions on various farmers’ issues were passed unanimously. Once again, after five years, the peasants of Puntambe have decided the course of the unrest and there are signs that there will be a fight against the government in the near future. In the Gram Sabha, the farmers expressed their pain by expressing their angry feelings. Dr. Sarpanch presiding. Dhananjay was rich. In June 2017, the farmers had called a strike from here. The farmers’ strike was happening all over Maharashtra. Debt forgiveness was decided at that time. Punatambe was at the center of the peasant movement. Consequently, the farmers once again decided to shake on Monday to give a guaranteed price to the farmers, not the price of onions.

Kisan Kranti stated that if the government did not take notice of the turmoil even after the dam turmoil from June 1-5, the farmers would fight back. At this time Sarpanch Dr. Dhananjay Dhanwate, Dhananjay Jadhav of ‘Kisan Kranti’, Suhas Vahadne of Shiv Sena, Labor leaders Subhash Kulkarni, Balasaheb Chavan, Murlidhar Thorat, Subhash Vahadne, Sarjerao Jadhav, Chandrakant Watekar, Anil Nale and other farmers played an aggressive role. Speeches were given by Pratap Vahadne, Sahebrao Bankar, Namdev Dhanwate, Changdev Dhanwate, Sanjay Dhanwate, Nikita Jadhav, Sudhir Naik and others. A large number of farmers were present and the presence of women was significant.

don’t commit, Shake honestly!

The farmers’ strike had started in June 2017. At that time, the strike was called without considering the villagers. As a result, resentment against the then leadership had spread. At this time, the agitation must be carried out honestly. Many in the gram sabha expressed the view that political leaders should also be careful that no compromise is made.

Resolutions of several demands were approved unanimously. Those who have a surplus of crushed sugar cane should be given a subsidy of Rs 2 lakh per hectare, the price of onion should be increased, a subsidy of Rs 500 should be given. A unanimous resolution was introduced in the Gram Sabha. increase the basic price of all crops and drop the charges brought during the farmers’ unrest.

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