Fadnavis should stop arson fires in Maharashtra; In Pawar…

Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati’s Rajya Sabha candidacy has led to accusations against the ruling party and the opposition. While Sambhaji Raje was almost certain to get the Shiv Sena nomination, Sanjay Pawar from Kolhapur was declared a candidate at the time. Therefore, the supporters of Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati express the feeling of disappointment. Furthermore, the now leader of the opposition in the Assembly and former chief minister of the state, Devendra Fadnavis, has blamed the NCP president, Sharad Pawar, for this. Amol Mitkari, while speaking to ABP Mazha, expressed his outrage at this and said that the matter of burning down Maharashtra must be stopped.

What did Devendra Fadnavis say?

NCP chairman Sharad Pawar had earlier started this problem, Fadnavis said while speaking to media in Nagpur. “Previously, Sharad Pawar started this issue. After that, the direction the issue went, everything has turned into something different. Perhaps this one (Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati) has tried to confuse him. But that is the issue of that match So there’s no reason for me to talk about it,” Fadnavis said.

Devendra Fadnavis takes aim at Maharashtra government!

Mitkari’s wrath

Speaking to ABP Mazha, Amol Mitkari said: “Devendra Fadnavis should stop setting fires in Maharashtra now. I always wanted to talk about Sharad Pawar. Gyanvapi Mandir, OBC reserve and now doing politics on behalf of Sambhaji Raje, Fadnavis should stop the next business of raising Marathas and OBC against Pawar”.

Maharashtra must beware of the hypocrisy of Fadnavis

“Devendra Fadnavis sees Pawar everywhere? There is no basis for his statement, it is a baseless statement. While talking about Sharad Pawar, you have to keep in mind that if you try to name Sharad Pawar in any case, the OBC people , Maratha and Maharashtra will not spare Fadnavis. This is a fiery statement from Fadnavis and Maharashtra should beware of their hypocrisy,” Mitkari advised.

Is Sambhaji Raje in trouble? When asked, he said: “Sambhaji Raje has taken the position that he will not join any party and will run in independent elections. Whatever decision they make, Maharashtra will welcome it. He had once contested the NCP elections , the last time he became a BJP quota MP. Now that Shiv Sena had certain votes, they had made it a condition of joining the party. What right does Fadnavis have to say that he got into trouble while supporting Sharad Pawar ?If they have respect for Sambhaji Raje and the throne, then they should be taken with respect.The job the Fadnavis are doing is spreading fire.

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