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Ratnagiri: Even in the Shiv Sena, once run by party stalwarts, factionalism is on the rise in the stronghold Ratnagiri district, and the NCP is showing signs of benefiting from it. Factionalism has intensified to such an extent that the demand for District Guardian Minister Anil Parab to be removed from office is coming from Shiv Sainiks in the district and as it subsides, activists have also demanded the resignation of the weighty minister of Shiv Sena, Uday. Samant.

Shiv Sena has announced ‘Shiv Sampark Abhiyan’ across the state in the context of the upcoming local body elections. A meeting was recently held in Chiplun in the Ratnagiri district to plan the success of the campaign. However, the campaign discussion was sidelined at this meeting and party workers strongly objected to the work of District Guardian Minister Anil Parab and demanded his ‘removal’ from here. Meanwhile, Higher and Technical Education Minister Uday Samant said in a recent program that he too participated in the victory of NCP MLA Shekhar Nikam from Chiplun taluka. The board also demanded his expulsion for treason against the party.

As per the party order, Shiv Sampark Abhiyan will be implemented in Ratnagiri district from May 26-29. A special meeting of Shiv Sena officials was held in the presence of Ratnagiri Sindhudurg District Liaison Officer Sharad Borkar and District Liaison Officer Sunil More for the planning of this campaign. Former Shiv Sena MLA Sadanand Chavan who lost the last Chiplun constituency assembly election, North Ratnagiri District Chief Sachin Kadam along with officials and activists from Khed, Dapoli, Mandangad Guhagar talukas were present at the meeting.

These activists fired directly at Guardian Minister Parab. The party is always asked to report on the work done by the department head, group head and branch head. Along the same lines, these activists demanded that the first thing be revealed about what Parab has done as Guardian Minister in the last two and a half years. The guardian ministers do not return to the district, the activists do not get justice. The work of the NCP workers is done, but the work of Shiv Sainiks is not done. The Guardian Minister is working to strengthen NCP workers in Chiplun taluka. After the Guardian Minister came to the Dapoli Nagar Panchayat elections and left after a dispute between the two groups, party officials demanded that the Guardian Minister not return to the district except for the national programme. After the Shiv Sena officials in Chiplun taluka made this demand for the first time, the demand to change the Guardian Minister came from the rest of the taluka. The women in charge of the Khed Dapoli Mandangad taluka office also expressed their discontent with the Guardian Minister and demanded his replacement.

Possible consequences

On the one hand, while the replacement of Guardian Minister Anil Parab is demanded, on the other hand, the responsibility of implementing Shiv Sampark Abhiyan in neighboring Dapoli taluka has been handed over to MLA Yogesh Kadam. Because Shiv Sena in this taluka is riddled with factionalism. Former MLA Suryakant Dalvi and MLA Yogesh Kadam have groups. The election formula for Dapoli Nagar Panchayat was given to Dalvi. Therefore, everyone is paying attention to who will implement Shiv Sampark Abhiyan. In this context, the handing over of responsibility for the campaign to Yogesh Kadam by the leadership is a sign that the struggle within the party is intensifying and there are signs that this factionalism in the Shiv Sena is falling in the way of NCP.

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