expert advice:- Student travel insurance is very important for abroad study

Utility desk.The decision to study abroad is usually taken after much research. Spending large amount is a big reason behind it. Studying abroad is an interesting experience for the students, but they are alone to take care of themselves in another country, so there are many challenges. But, what happens when you lose a passport, Do unpleasant sentences such as flight misses or emergency medical expenses become frequent? In such circumstances, student travel insurance can be very helpful. 

This insurance is also mandatory in many countries preferred for Indian students. There are some aspects that you can consider by choosing a good student travel insurance. Student travel insurance is designed to cover most of the risk of students studying abroad. It covers health and travel related risks during the stay abroad. It also provides cover for the family of students in non-avoidable situations.

Special things related to this …

  1. How does it differ from ordinary travel insurance

    • Common travel insurance provides short-term coverage. At the same time, student travel insurance can be of several months and years. The major difference among them is that travel insurance only covers the risks associated with travel. At the same time, Student Travel Insurance covers academic risks along with travel.
    • These include paying tuition fees for missed schooling in non-avoidable circumstances, incurring the stay of a family member in the event of a policy holder hospitalizing for more than a week, paying medical and dental treatment, etc.
    • It is known by all that that studying abroad is expensive. However, getting treatment abroad is more expensive than this. You can have a doctor in India for 150 to 300 rupees. This amount can go from 250 to 300 dollars (18 to 21 thousand rupees) abroad. Student travel insurance is very helpful to deal with such situation. Apart from this, now many important universities abroad have made it mandatory to have such insurance.
  2. How to choose the best insurance

    • Most foreign universities have their own guidelines for student travel insurance. You should ensure that you buy the policy keeping these guidelines in mind. Apart from this, also keep in mind which policy can meet all your needs.
    • The university also wants students studying there to have such wide coverage. Claim settlement of Student Travel Insurance is also generally simple and easy. Claims under cashless settlement can be given directly to the hospital. This happens when the expenditure is more than 500 dollars (about 35000 rupees). The claim is usually settled within seven working days of the claim.
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