Electoral program under Congress: Minister Thorat’s vote…

Election Program under Congress: Who Voted for Minister Thorat?; Taluka President by June 10 and District President by June 30

The election program for the president of the city, taluka and congressional district has started.

Nagar: Congressional district, taluka and city president election program has been started. Although the election of the office holders will be carried out under the new rules of Chintan Shivira of the All India Congress in Udaipur, Rajasthan, in reality, the presidents of the city and district will be appointed on the instructions of the leader. of Congress and Minister of Finance Balasaheb Thorat. . The election of the block and taluka presidents will be completed by June 10 and the process of electing the district presidents will be completed by June 30.
The state camp was recently held in Shirdi after the All India Congress met in Rajasthan. After that, district camps will be organized from June 12-16, followed by taluka camps and stand camps. For this, a program of one hundred days has been given.
In the All India Contemplation Camp, the rules were decided that an official should not hold office for more than five years, one person should not hold two posts, only one candidate in a family, 50 percent of the positions in the organization should be given to youth. It will now be implemented in organizational elections.

Information on Chintan Shibir rules was given at the state camp in Shirdi, after which it will now be given at the district, taluka and village level camps. The registration of party members has already been carried out. This year, for the first time, it was registered online. In Sangamner, Shrirampur, Shrigonde talukas more members were registered in the district. Enrollment in the rest of the district, including the city, is very low. District President Balasaheb Salunke reported that the party has instructed to hold the election of the Taluka President by June 10 and the District President by June 30.
At least 25 members will be registered at each stand. Your program has been launched. From this, the taluka president and the district representatives of the taluka organization will select the district president. Despite such electoral program, in reality, the appointments of the presidents of cities, talukas and districts and other office holders will be made according to the instructions of Minister Thorat. Although most of the posts are likely to be re-elected, a new person will have to be appointed like Sampat Mhaske, who has been in the post for more than ten years. At the same time, 50 percent of the positions in the organization must be given to young people.

Electoral program only formality!
The district’s rural congressional district chairman, Balasaheb Salunke, was appointed about three and a half years ago, while the city district chairman, Kiran Kale, was appointed years ago. Therefore, according to the new five-year criteria of the party, both have the opportunity to be re-elected. Both posts were previously selected on the instructions of Minister Thorat. Therefore, the electoral program is going to be a formality.

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