“ED is now sending a tip to Pandit Nehru,” Sanjay Raut’s ‘National Herald’…

“ED is now issuing a notice to Pandit Nehru”, Sanjay Raut’s ‘National Herald’ case

Sanjay Raut says: “There was no financial negligence in this entire transaction. The money does not appear to have been used in criminal transactions. However, ED got in there!”

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The National Herald case has been wreaking havoc across the country for the past few days. This was due to the notice issued by the ED to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. On June 8 and June 13, respectively, the two have been summoned by the ED to appear for questioning. In this context, many opposition parties have criticized Congress for putting pressure on the opposition by misusing the central government’s investigative mechanisms. Also includes Shiv Sena. In this context, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut, reviewing the National Herald case, has criticized the ED and the central government in this regard.

“Herald was a mission for the fight for freedom”

The National Herald, which was blamed for the abuse, was a freedom-fighting mission, Sanjay Raut said in the article. “Nehru’s newspaper was so well received by the British that the National Herald was banned during the Quit India Movement of 1942. This newspaper was created for the country’s freedom struggle. It was a weapon for fighters. It was not a business started to make money”, Sanjay Raut mentioned in it.

“But ED got in there”

In this article, Raut has commented on what exactly this case consists of. “The newspaper was closed down on 1 April 2008. It was owned by Associated Journals Limited. The company was over Rs 90 crore in debt. Young India Limited was set up to repay the loan. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi had a stake 38-38 per cent 9 crore shares of AGL were sold to this company at a price of Rs In 1938 the price of these shares was Rs Dr Subramaniam Swamy alleges that the company became the owner of Rs “Rs 2000 crore for Rs 50 lakh without any business. But there was no financial negligence in this whole transaction. The money does not appear to have been used in criminal transactions. However, that’s where the ED came in,” the article states.

“ED-CBI puts pressure on independents by BJP”, Sanjay Raut’s Serious Accusations of Rajya Sabha Elections!

“But the Herald of Nehru was found guilty”

“Congress may have done something to sustain Nehru’s organization. Many Sangh Parivar organizations perform such rotation. Hundreds of crores of rupees deposited in the PM Care Fund’s BJP coffers have been questioned. But Nehru’s Herald became into a criminal! Some people’s souls will calm down only after Nehru receives a notice from ED and CBI! In this case, it would not be a surprise if Nehru himself received a notice and it was pasted on his monument,” Raut said. .

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