During the Corona period, the crisis of livelihood was looming on the band banners, this season did not earn one rupee.

During the Corona period, the band Baja people are facing a crisis of livelihood. Due to the applicable lockdown due to Corona, he has not earned even one rupee this season.

Meerut, Balaram Pandey: There is a saying ‘without band baja ka kasi baraat’, but there were many marriages in lockdown implemented during the Corona crisis, but the band baja was nowhere to be seen. Band Baja people also say, they did not get a single booking in this season of marriage due to the corona epidemic and even the bookings that were received were canceled. However, the relaxation given for the wedding in Unlock-1 has brought joy to the disappointed face of Band Baja. Now he hopes that the government will think something for him as well.

The band Baja of Meerut are also struggling with the crisis of livelihood during the Corona period. They are surrounded by epidemics as well as economic crisis. If work is stalled, then even money is not coming home. Let me tell you, about 2 lakh people are involved in this business, including Band Baja, Light and Sahanai, but this season neither they got any booking and the booking that was received was also canceled in the Corona period. Because of this, they have not earned anything in these two-and-a-half months.

This is the reason why the noise of the sighing and the noise of the band instrument has now become silent. Which co-star and band adorned a procession. Today they are gathering dust and now they see a crisis of their livelihood.

However, ABP News Network also reached out to those weddings where the band is getting married without Baja and Sahanai. Such a wedding was seen in Brahmapuri of Meerut, where the groom Raja was going to take the bride with some people and the band Baja and Sahanai were nothing in this wedding. When the groom was asked what it felt like to carry the wedding procession without a band, he said in response that this has to be done to avoid this epidemic. We are not allowed to take only 20 people to the procession. This procession was going from Meerut to Modinagar in Ghaziabad. During this time special attention was also being given to the rules of social distancing. Police was also present to ensure that the rules are not violated.

Before the Corona period, during the wedding procession, how did people stop listening to the noise of the DJ. There was a serpent dance on the band instruments. The power of the procession was exerted by band instruments and expensive cohabitation, but this Corona era has also lost sightings during the wedding procession, as two yards and masks have become necessary to escape the corona.

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