Don’t worry, my defeat taught me a lot – Pankaja Munde’s…

Don’t worry about me, my defeat taught me a lot: Pankaja Munde’s statement about Gopinath fort!

“You cannot afford to give up in the face of crisis,” he said.

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Today is the eighth memorial day for the late BJP leader, Gopinath Munde. On this occasion, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was the chief guest at a function organized at Fort Gopinath in Beed. Due to Corona, the followers of Gopinath Munde could not come to the Gopinath fort in Smritidina in the last two years. But now, two years later, a large number of Munde’s followers had come to Gopinath Fort today to greet Gopinath Munde. Speaking at the occasion, BJP leader Pankaja Munde praised Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Also, my loss taught me a lot.

Pankaja Munde said, “Don’t worry about me. Everyone asks me what the future holds. What is going to happen tomorrow? What are you going to get? I’m not really worried about it. I’m not worried about it at all. It’s the ritual of Gopinath Munde make gold of given opportunity. I was able to turn my defeat into gold, who has such kindness? This defeat took me all the way to Delhi. This defeat taught me a lot. Learning from there, I will continue to work for your service. All I can tell you is that whoever sits on this stage, can’t shape our future, it’s you. One who can make or break one’s future. It’s in your hands. You don’t have to worry about what you will get and what you won’t get We have to figure out how to keep what we have, how to make a person work.”

Not for power but Gopinath Munde fought for the truth… –

Furthermore, “Not for power, but Gopinath Munde fought for the truth, he fought for the welfare of the underprivileged. The voice was fearless and the agreement was an arrow. It struck the Himalayas but did not bend.” We regard such a Gopinath Munde as our leader. All I can say in my life is: “You are not in a position to take refuge with me. I will stand firm in this battle of life, there is such strength in my people. I will not be hurt even if your worms are hurt, I will rise up to fight for the underprivileged in society with your feet under the umbrella, you won’t even know how.” Still, this time Pankaja Munde spoke.

May the Government of Maharashtra also obtain such wisdom –

At the same time, “No matter how much someone names me, you don’t like me.” I don’t want to break anyone’s heart, I don’t want to feed people, I don’t want to take care of people who spend money. He wanted to connect the umbilical cord with the common man. Therefore, keeping Sattva with us and working on the principle, we need Mamatva in our minds towards people. This Mamatva has brought Shivraj Singh Chouhan to this point. I am very happy to have you here today. I have a smile on my face on a sad day. I welcome you and may the Government of Maharashtra also get this kind of wisdom, this kind of inspiration. They should imitate our Shivraj Singh Chouhan and lead them out of the crisis that has befallen all CBOs in Maharashtra. We don’t want OBC bookings for OBC rallies and meetings and I am the OBC leader. We need to secure reserves to ensure the future of this OBC. So I think good news will definitely come from this government on this day and I am confident that Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s government will also help them.”

The religion is not Hindu-Muslim, the religion is the religion of humanity.

“Is dawn always black? If someone asks me, if I say that the sun of June 3 was born with a black day, it will not matter. Ramayana tells Dharma while Mahabharata tells Karma. But without karma there is no religion and without religion there is no karma. Gopinath Munde has taught us that religion is not a Hindu-Muslim religion but a religion of humanity.”

Although I am no longer in charge of Madhya Pradesh, I have a lifelong relationship with you:

“Today I am experiencing the blessing of my father. When a person is born in the house of a cane grower, he gets such a big place in the politics of the country. How proud the people are of him, the people who love him. Today I remember that day, if you look at it, today is the 8th Gopinath Munde memorial day. Eight years have passed since Prime Minister Modi’s rule and people who were eager to see Munde’s face in Modi’s government could not even greet Gopinath Munde. He was supposed to be buried here, but we had to do the funeral. Gopinath Munde’s departure happened as a movie story should. People started thinking how can we withstand such a big impact now? Who will replace Gopinath Munde? So I built a Gopinath fort to help those people recover. This is not for me, this is for the people who have been waiting for you since this morning. They have no interest, they have no expectations of me. They want to see one person, who loves Gopinath Munde and works for the poor and needy. Who would be the Chief Minister who would pay tribute to girls by offering flowers at their feet with his own hands? We love this simplicity, which is why it has become our relationship from today. Although I am no longer in charge of Madhya Pradesh, we and our people have a lifelong relationship with you. That is what I want to say.” Saying this, Pankaja Munde praised Shivraj Singh Chauhana.

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