Doctor giving CPR to a person who passed out due to a heart attack in a shopping mall

Shocking viral video: In our country the doctor has been given the status of God. This is because a doctor is the only person who can give a dying person a new life. Something similar was recently seen when a person who had gone shopping had a heart attack. At the same time, a doctor present there stepped forward and saved that person’s life by giving him CPR.

According to the information, this incident is said to have been seen at the IKEA store in Bangalore. Where a person was seen falling to the ground due to a heart attack during some shopping. Even before the people present could understand anything, a doctor came to help that person. In the video, the doctor is seen saving the man’s life with the help of CPR.

doctor saved life

The doctor’s son recorded the video on his mobile and posted it on Twitter. Seeing that users are stunned. In the video, a doctor in a blue shirt gives CPR to a man who has fallen to the ground by pushing him in the chest. Due to which that person’s life is saved. In addition to sharing the video, the doctor’s son said in the caption that he saved the person after trying for 10 minutes.

Appreciated by users

Currently, this video is becoming more and more viral on social media. See which users are seen praising the doctor in addition to calling him God. As of writing the news, the video has over 4 lakh 45 thousand views and over 31 thousand likes on social media. At the same time, users are constantly seen giving their reactions on this video. Users are seen appreciating the doctor for saving the life of the person.

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