“Do you want to be the Chief Minister?”; Joining our hands to hear the question…

“Do you want to be the Chief Minister?”; Hearing the question, Supriya Sule joined in and said, “In 2024, I am the Nationalist Congress Party.”

A few days ago, Supriya Sule had married Tulja Bhavani Devi from Tuljapur and said, “May the next Chief Minister be a CPN member and come with a full CPN.”

Supriya responds while interacting with media representatives (file photo)

Arriving in Chandrapur, NCP MP Leader Supriya Sule visited Chandrapur Independent MLA Kishor Jorgewar. On this occasion, Supriya Sule, while interacting with reporters, answered the question about becoming the first female Chief Minister and whether she wants to become Chief Minister herself. Supriya Sule’s visit to the MLA Jorgewar residence is of great importance in the context of the Rajya Sabha elections in the state. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray will meet with all independent MLAs on Tuesday. While the political significance of Supriya Sule’s visit to Chandrapur was being worked out, Supriya Sule spoke to reporters after the meeting. Sule was warmly received by her fans.

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Sule met Jorgewar’s mother ‘Amma’ and became familiar with various ingenious schemes implemented by her in the Chandrapur constituency. “When they met their beloved sons, they asked when Tadoba would come. In that I said that I would not come to Tadoba now but would come to Chandrapur. He had to come to my house. I said I would come 100 percent. Consequently, I came to meet ‘Amman’ and I fell in love with their Amma Ka Dabba project. An overbearing mother built everything from scratch. The Dabbawala project they have started is very beautiful and I have fallen in love with their work, so much work has started here,” said Supriya Sule.

You’re meeting women, running shows for them. Will we ever see a woman as Chief State Minister? Was the question Supriya was asked by journalists. In response to this, Supriya Sule said, “On the one hand, I am contesting Lok Sabha. You will know civics. In 2024, I will only apply to NCP and Mahavikas Aghadi to give me a ticket from the Baramati Lok Sabha constituency by Mahavikas Aghadi.” said.

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Then directly “Do you want to be the Chief Minister?” Such a question was asked to Supriya Sule. She also gave a forceful answer. “I do not do any work in my life for the position. I work hard to make a difference in the lives of ordinary people. So I don’t believe much in the post. I am very interested in MP so in 2024 I would like to make a humble request to the NCP and Maha Vikas Aghadi to give me a Baramati Lok Sabha Constituency ticket once again,” said Supriya. From this statement, Supriya Sule indicated that she is not interested in the post of Chief Minister.

Supriya Sule said that the next Chief Minister should be from the NCP.
Supriya Sule was on a tour of the Osmanabad district last Sunday (May 29, 2022). During this tour she visited many religious places. Also discussed with the people here. Supriya Sule also visited Tulja Bhavani Devi from Tuljapur. After the meeting, she interacted with the journalists. At this time, she said: ‘That the next Chief Minister be a member of the NCP, he will fulfill his vow with the NCP in its entirety.’ While speaking to reporters in Osmanabad, Supriya also responded to the question when Maharashtra will have a female chief minister. “I don’t know. I am not an astrologer. I have never thought about becoming the Chief Minister or not. All this will be decided by the people of Maharashtra, how will I decide it,” said Supriya Sule. Since then, there has been a lot of talk in state politics about the possibility of Supriya Sule becoming the chief minister. In the same context, today’s reporters asked Supriya this question directly.

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Jorgewar gave you the watch now. You accepted it. Now, when will you tie the watch to Jogewar’s hand?, was the question another journalist asked Supriya. “I am here to visit Jorgewar’s mother and family. Some grandchildren are beyond politics. Nowadays, it is unfortunate that no one sincerely wants to do anything in the reign of Maharashtra,” said Supriya Sule. Supriya is said to have Sule has removed Jorgewar’s disgust with this family visit.

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