Disputes paid to premium companies for sickness / insurance companies, now not getting treatment

  • Both companies and hospitals are insistent, the common man is rotating
  • Jaipur. This is the hallmark of some patients getting upset in the dispute between the insurance company and the hospitals. The reality is that out of thousands of people trapped between these hospitals and companies, five to six patients are getting worried every day. At the same time, the company and the hospital are not ready to bow down and the government is also not taking any concrete steps.
    In such a situation, the people who have been cheated by paying the claim are unable to get treatment with their own money. Significantly, there has been a dispute between the hospital and the companies over demanding more money for the claim and now six hospitals have refused treatment. Patients coming to these hospitals are not getting hairless treatment.
    Case two: Mamta admitted in Santokba Rare Hospital was also refused for hairless claim. Mamta, who arrived during the Emergency, did not understand anything. Finally got paid by paying money. The claim number is 90221920596940.
    Case three: Suresh Kumar’s health suddenly worsened, then reached the emergency of EHCC. Cashless card shown but asked to deposit money. Now saying that the company will have to go round. The policy number is 33010634189500000421.
    Paid money now revolving for claim
    Nahar Singh, 74, took a cashless claim from United Insurance Company. Admitted to CK Birla Hospital since last days. But he was not given a cashless claim. It was said that it will not be possible to get treatment unless you give money. Later taking the claim from the company. Could not do anything under compulsion, had to pay money. Now circling for money. The TPA ID number is un0400032813.
    These hospitals: CK Bidla, EHCC Hospital, Fortis, Manipal, Narayana Hospital and SDMH.

    These companies : Oriental, New India Insurance, National Insurance Company and United India Insurance Company.

    Everyone is upset with the controversy. If the solution is not resolved quickly, then everyone is at a loss. Everyone needs to solve the problem quickly.

    Sudhir Gupta, All India Federation of General Insurance Agents Associatio

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