Devendra Fadnavis infected with corona for the second time, tweeted the information!

Devendra Fadnavis infected with corona for the second time, tweeted the information!

Corona infected Devendra Fadnavis

Devendra Fadnavis (archived photo)

Former Chief State Minister and current Leader of the Opposition in Assembly Devendra Fadnavis has contracted coronavirus. He has given this information from his Twitter account. “I am infected with coronavirus and I am in the process of separating my house,” he tweeted. Recent days have seen an increase in the number of medical examiners in the state. Given this scenario, the state government has called on citizens to be alert. It has also come to light that political leaders have been infected with coronavirus.

A few days ago, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi were found to be infected with coronavirus. After that, now in the state, Devendra Fadnavis has tweeted that he has been infected with Corona.

“My corona test is positive. I am in home separation. Taking corona-related medications and treatments as per doctor’s advice. Anyone who comes in contact with me should get a Corona test. Everyone should be careful,” Fadnavis tweeted.

Previously, in the first wave of corona, in October 2020, Devendra Fadnavis was infected with corona. At the time, Fadnavis was admitted to a government hospital without going to a private hospital. He, too, recovered shortly after. Now, once again, he has contracted a coronary disease and his tweets are getting a lot of messages saying that he should recover soon.

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