Development work in Akola; Depression hits the district

Prabodh Deshpande

Akola: The government is neglecting the development of Akola. Many urbanization works in the district are pending. Several roads are in poor condition and citizens have to suffer a lot. In recent years, not only new projects in the district, but also existing or approved projects are being hijacked elsewhere. Citizens are outraged that the representatives of the people have remained silent on all these issues.

Akola is one of the main cities of Vidarbha. The district had a lot of development a few decades ago. In recent years, however, the district has been in a downward spiral. The same questions have persisted over the years. The projects could not be completed even after many years. Leaders must expend their political weight at the top level to push development works or big projects in the district. However, the district leaders do not appear to be doing so. Do the words of the district leaders in Mumbai or Delhi have value? This also begs the question. District leaders seem to regard the congregation as a blessing in disguise.

Many road works in the district are progressing at a slow pace. More than two years have passed since the completion of broad gauge work on the Akola-Akot railway line, but no rail service has been started on this route. Broad gauge work on the Akot-Khandwa railway line has been hampered due to the Melghat Tiger Project. Irrigation projects in the district are incomplete. More than two decades have passed since the establishment of the Akola Municipal Corporation. It is not even possible to provide basic services to Akolekars by the Municipal Corporation, which collects huge taxes. City roads are getting rough. The cement roads are of poor quality and there are potholes everywhere. Despite being found guilty, no action was taken against those involved. The city has irregular supply of water. The completion of the flyover in the city was a relief to Akolekar. Work on two overpasses on the railway is also incomplete. The building of the cultural building in the city became an object of decoration. The well-equipped super specialty building and machinery are in disrepair due to lack of hiring. Despite funding from an independent district general hospital, his work is in limbo. The issue of expanding the airport runway has not been resolved. A Rs 87 crore proposal for land acquisition has been pending with the state government for only five years. The lack of air transportation is detrimental to the development of the Akola district. After moving the headquarters of the Livestock Development Board to Nagpur for the same reason, the state government also decided to move the camp of the sanctioned Bharat Battalion in the district to Katol. While the British-era airport existed at Akola, it was hampered by the indifferent and slow role of the state government. It is unfortunate for Akolekar that one by one the projects are being hijacked by the state government saying there is no air service instead of providing funds to start an airport.

accusations against the government

The Akola District BJP stronghold. The district has MPs from the BJP and six MLAs. Shiv Sena and NCP each have an MLA. During the BJP government from 2014 to 2019, the district got good development funds. Some development work was also started. However, they are not yet complete. The BJP-dominated Akola district is alleged to have been deliberately neglected by the Mahavikas Alliance government after the coup.

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