Davos Maharashtra signs 23 months with investments worth Rs 30000 crore…

Mumbai: During the Davos Economic Conference, 23 companies from various countries signed MoUs worth about Rs 30 billion with the Government of Maharashtra. This includes an investment deal of Rs 3.2 billion rupees from the leading IT company, Microsoft.

A total of Rs 30,379 crore was signed at the MoU at the Maharashtra Hall in Davos. Singapore, Indonesia, the United States and Japan concentrate more than 55% of the investment in various agreements. These mainly include pharmaceuticals, textiles, engineering, packaging, food processing, steel, information technology, data centers, logistics, etc.

The concept of Magnetic Maharashtra 2.0 was introduced under the leadership of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to further strengthen the economy of the state. Under this initiative, a total of 121 memorandums of understanding were signed. Of this, a total investment of Rs 2.15 lakh crore was received in the estate. This will create around 4 lakh jobs.

Minister for Industry Subhash Desai, Minister for the Environment Aditya Thackeray, Minister for Energy Dr. Nitin Raut, Additional Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister Ashish Kumar Singh, Additional Chief Secretary (Industries) Baldev Singh, Managing Director of MSEDCL Vijay Singhal, Executive Director of MIDC Dr. PAG. Unbalgan, co-executive director p. D. Malikner was also present.

Pune is the center of the automotive and information technology industry. But there was a shortage of multinational companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, now that void is going to be filled. Google office is planned to be located in Pune followed by Microsoft also coming to Pune via Vida Kendra. This is certainly a welcome thing. This will help increase job creation.

fall of the pacific, Managing Director, Maratha Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture

23 companies from different countries have signed investment deals worth Rs 30 379 crore with the state. All these deals will provide employment for about 66,000 people.

Subhash Desai, Minister of Industry

The big deal was…

Indorama Corporation

And major textile companies like IndoCount Industries Ltd. will invest in textile hubs in Maharashtra, Nagpur and Kolhapur respectively.

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), a leading Indonesian pulp and paper manufacturer, will invest Rs 10.5 billion in pulp and paper production in Raigad.

Food & Agro Processing will also get a boost as Havemore Ice Creams Pvt Ltd is setting up an ice cream manufacturing unit in Pune. The deals also include oil companies Sonai Etable and Goyal Proteins.

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