Danger to patients in 72 villages of Raigad; Rehabilitation

Harshad Kashaalkar

Alibag: A survey by geologists has revealed that 72 villages in Raigad district are at risk of landslides. Therefore, these potentially affected villages have been alerted against the backdrop of the monsoon. There have been several incidents of landslides in the district in the past. Therefore, a proposal was made to rehabilitate these potentially distressed villages. However, due to lack of funds, the proposal was stuck in red tape. Work will now be undertaken to erect retaining walls in these towns.

In Raigad district, the state government has implemented the ‘Natural Hazard Mitigation Pilot Project’. Under this project, 84 villages in Raigad district were included in the list of affected villages in the survey conducted after heavy rains in July 2005 and July 2021. Now this number has reached 72. Of the 72 affected villages in Raigad, 4 villages (Class 1) are extremely dangerous, 6 villages (Class 2) are dangerous and 62 villages (Class 3) are slightly dangerous.

Deforestation, illegal excavations, drainage obstructions, landslides during the monsoon season, and construction on unstable ground are some of the main causes of landslides. Heavy rains in 2021 caused landslides in three villages namely Taliye, Sakhar Sutarwadi and Kevnale. In which 84 people died. Two others were injured. 2019 Veletwadi-Alibag, Sagwadi-Alibag, Salav-Murud, Bhalgaon-Roha. In this context, scientists from the Geological Survey of India (GSI) in Pune visited and surveyed these villages. In this survey, many shocking facts from scientists have come to light. Your report has been sent to the government.

The study was carried out by the Geological Survey of India based on the experience of a catastrophic disaster in July 2005. A series of measures were suggested in the 103 affected villages. However, no action was taken against him. Now, after the heavy rains of 2021, a new survey of the potentially affected villages has been carried out. Accordingly, a smart action plan has been prepared for the village.

Planning in villages affected by floods

The district administration has prepared a plan for the temporary rehabilitation of 40 villages in the flood-prone area of ​​Mahad area. Residents along the river will be temporarily rehabilitated if the river exceeds the danger level or if excessive rainfall occurs. 10,157 citizens from 2,754 families in 40 villages have been relocated to safer places.

Administration preparation.

The government has prepared an action plan for the potentially affected villages. A village disaster management officer has been appointed. A list of families to be relocated has been compiled and plans are underway to relocate them to safer locations. As it is not possible to build a permanent shelter shed, shelter will be provided for citizens in schools, sabhamandaps, temples and community centers in the village. Disaster management training will be given to villagers. 21,101 people from 5,338 families in 72 potentially affected villages will be relocated as required.

Incidents prior to patient collapse

Mahad Poladpur area in Raigad district is mainly known as the potentially affected area. More than 212 people were killed when heavy rain hit Jui, Dasgaon, Kondivate and Rohan villages in Mahad taluka in July 2005. In 2021, there were landslides in Taliye, Sakhar Sutarwadi and Kevnale. It killed 84 people. Apart from this, there were landslides at Ambenli Ghat, Bhor Ghat and Hirkani Wadi.

Measures suggested by experts..

Geologists have suggested some measures to reduce the risk in potentially affected villages in the district. It should mainly restrict mining and excavation in the area, ban logging on the hillsides, and remove loose stones on the hillsides before the monsoon season. Measures must be taken to speed up the drainage of water on the slopes of the hills and a retaining wall must be erected.

A proposal for the permanent rehabilitation of towns with a high risk of death has been sent to the District Collection. It will be forwarded to the state government for further approval. That proposal is expected to be approved soon. Meanwhile, in case of heavy rain, it is planned to move the citizens of this village to safer places.

-Suresh Kashid, Tehsildar Mahad

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