Covid-19: Corona rises again in the state!, more than a

Covid-19: Corona is rising again in the state!

There are a total of 4,032 active patients in the state today.

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Corona infection is slowly on the rise once again in the state. Because, today, 1,081 new cases of coronary arthritis have been found in the state. Previously, the number of coronary arthritis cases in the state was 711, which has now increased.

Now the total number of corona affected patients in the state is 78,88,167. Today, there are 4,032 active patients in the state. Of these, 2,970 patients are from Mumbai.

Apart from this, 524 patients have been cured in the state and returned home today. A total of 77,36,275 crore infected patients have been cured in the state to date, resulting in a recovery rate of 98.07 percent.

No corona-related deaths have been reported in the state today. Currently, the death rate in the state is 1.87 percent. Of 8,09,51,360 laboratory samples tested to date, 78,88,167 (09.74 percent) samples have tested positive.

Website title: Maharashtra reports 1081 new covid19 cases today active cases stand at 4032 including 2970 cases in mumbai msr

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