Covid 19: As the positivity rate increases, so does the corona testing rate…

Covid 19: Strict advice to increase the number of corona tests as the positivity rate rises – Rajesh Tope

Information provided to the media after the state cabinet meeting; Wari was also discussed.

Increased morbidity in some parts of Maharashtra; Information about Rajesh Tope

The corona infection in the state is on the rise once again, a detailed discussion was held today at the state cabinet meeting. Apart from this, discussions about Ashadi Wari were also held. Health Minister Rajesh Tope informed the media about it.

Rajesh Tope said, “We always present very detailed information on Kovid at state cabinet meetings, as was done today. We have been told that positivity has definitely increased in Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Palghar and Raigad districts. Therefore Due to the increase in positivity, instructions have been given today to increase the number of tests in a strict manner. The number of inspections has been reduced since Sunday, but instructions have been given to increase the number from today.”

Also, “positivity rates are definitely going up in these districts. The positivity rate is eight, six, five, three percent. I mean, there are so many positives behind 100 tests. Although this is a fact for these five or six districts, the overall rate of hospital admissions in this whole situation is about one percent of the total positive patients. There is no need to worry. “That’s what Tope said.

At the same time, we have told everyone about the mask, that while it is not mandatory, it has been appealed and should be implemented. It has been discussed accordingly.” That’s what Tope said.

In addition, “Ashadhi Wari” was also discussed. Around ten to fifteen lakh people will gather through Dindi. There is a lot of talk about how to deal with these situations. There will be no problem with that.” This information was also given by the Minister of Health, Rajesh Tope.

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