Coronavirus update expert said new Corona variants will emerge from C…

Coronavirus expert in India: Corona cases are continuously increasing in China. According to reports, hundreds of thousands of positive corona cases are reported daily in China. At the same time, the death toll is also rising rapidly. Amidst all this, a leading scientist at the Tata Institute of Genetics and Society (Bengaluru) said on Friday that Indians have hybrid immunity and because of this, no significant effects of subvariants will be seen in India.

However, the scientist has said that people should be careful as the only tool for the outbreak of the virus is mutation. Speaking to ANI, Dr. Rakesh Mishra, director of the Tata Institute for Genetics and Society, said: “They are all sub-variants of Omicron and it is potent in terms of infectivity. So it keeps finding new things and surprising us.” ”

“More Corona variants will emerge from China”

Dr. Rakesh Mishra said: “We should be more careful, because the only tool of this virus is mutation. Now China is the playing field of this virus for the next few months. This means that the virus has new uses and it will be a It’s a good opportunity to test multiple variants and new variants will come from there.”

‘It is necessary to follow the Kovid protocol’

Dr. Mishra warned of new variants and emphasized genomic surveillance. He said that people should not lower their security and follow Covid protocols like wearing masks and social distancing. Dr. Mishra also highlighted that India is in a good position due to the corona vaccine and hybrid immunity.

‘Nothing to worry or panic about’

He said: “We are in very good condition and there is really nothing to worry or panic at the moment. Whereas if I explain the situation in China, they followed the zero covid policy which did not allow the disease to spread. So it’s like going back to the beginning of the disease in China. China hasn’t eliminated any wave.”

Making a comparison between India and China, Dr. Mishra said that India has a strong defense of immunity and China has not developed that status. He called for more testing, genome sequencing, and environmental monitoring to track down subvariants and mutations.

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