Construction of 24 km road in Akola in 29 hours; Road construction work…

Construction of 24 km road in Akola in 29 hours; Road construction continues without interruption; Walking towards the world record

Work on the four-lane National Highway from Amravati to Navapur has progressed slowly over the last nine years.

In Akola district 24 km in 29 hours. The road is being built.

Akola: On the occasion of Amrut Mahotsav of Independence, the Amravati-Akola National Highway from Loni to Murtijapur on one side 75 km. Rajpath Infra plans to complete the ‘Bituminous Concrete’ job in 110 hours under a two-lane highway quadrangle. This is done by the contracting company. Work began on June 3 at 7:30 a.m. In the last 29 hours, two lanes together traveled 24 km. The road has been built. This work will continue until the night of June 7.

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The four-lane work on the National Highway from Amravati to Navapur has been proceeding slowly for the last nine years. 480.79 km Amravati to Chikhali (Village before Nandura) Construction work for 194 km long quadrangle road. And Phagne to Navapur 140.79 km. Such a division took place. Meanwhile, two contractors quit. There are various difficulties and obstacles in this work. It was decided to work with the ‘hybrid annuity’ principle as it was difficult to work with ‘BOT’.

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In 2021, a new tender process was launched and four phases of work were awarded to three contractors. This work is currently in progress. 104 km in the first two phases. The average road work is low. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari publicly apologized for the incomplete work of this road. The longest continuous road is being built with bituminous concrete to speed up the works. In the first phase, 75 km on one side. Work is underway on the two-lane road. Work started from Loni on Friday morning. 24 km in the last 29 hours The two-lane highway has been built and the work continues satisfactorily, said Vilas Brahmankar, Project Director and General Manager of the National Highway Authority.

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If the experiment is successful, it will be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records, the contractor said. Subtle planning has gone into implementing this record breaking effort. A separate team has been formed for each part. In Mana, on the road itself, a ‘management think tank’ and a ‘war room’ have been established. It has 728 people including four hot mix plants, four wheel loaders, one paver, one mobile feeder, six tandem rollers, 106 roads and two tire rollers. Engineers and officers are also deployed.

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Will you set a world record?

Rajpath had set a record by building the Pusegaon to Mhasurne road in 24 hours between Sangli and Satara. In Qatar, there is a world record for the construction of 25 kilometers of roads with a continuous construction of approximately 242 hours or 10 days. Attempts are being made at Vidarbha to break this world record.

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