Conflict over water intensifies in Ujjain | Conflict over water in Ujjain intensifies not allowed…

Guardian Minister Bharane will not be allowed to roam Solapur; Warning from Subhash Deshmukh of BJP

Solapur: While the first claim on the water from the Ujani dam belongs to the Solapur district, the same district’s Guardian Minister, Datta Bharne, is taking water away from his own Indapur and Baramati by spreading injustice in Solapur. This act is a disgrace to the responsibility he has been given as Guardian Minister. Therefore, Bharne will not be allowed to roam anywhere in the district, warned BJP leader and former cooperation minister Subhash Deshmukh.

The government has decided to bring the water from the Ujani dam to Indapur and Baramati under the name of the Lakdi-Nimbodi Upsa Irrigation Scheme, although there is no water left to supply the new project. The Guardian Minister has managed to get administrative approval for this scheme costing Rs 348 crore. But as this decision is unfair to Solapur district, agitation has erupted in Solapur against him. The Guardian Minister is under attack. Various organizations, including the Ujani Dam Water Rescue Struggle Committee, have started this agitation on this issue. In this regard, MLA Subhash Deshmukh has strongly criticized the role of the Guardian Minister Bharane and warned that he will not be allowed to roam anywhere in Solapur district.

Last year, the Guardian Minister Bharane had planned to divert the water from Ujjain to Indapur and Baramati. But his entry was unsuccessful due to opportune opposition. But now, years later, Bharne has taken the plunge. MLA Deshmukh has claimed that the development of the district who is responsible for the development of the district as Guardian Minister is far away, but he has committed a cruel and selfish act of taking away the legitimate water of the same district from his own constituency. . Such a traitor has no right to act as Guardian Minister in Solapur. He also called on all political parties, social, peasant and civic organizations to unite to stop them in the district.

A third also went down in Solapur on the issue of ‘Ujani’

Solapur: An agitation is taking place in Solapur to protest against the decision to take the water from the Ujani dam directly to their own Indapur and Baramati by doing an injustice to the Solapur district. On Thursday, in front of the District Collection, a group of third parties gathered and anointed the water on a symbolic stone, saying ‘Guardian Minister Hello Hello’.

All the third parties who participated in this agitation expressed their strong feelings on the Ujani water issue and expressed their anger against the Guardian Minister Bharane. With one exception, most of the district’s irrigation plans are incomplete. If this plan is completed, adequate water from the Ujani Dam will reach the farmers’ fields in the district and paradise will bloom in the farmers’ backyard. But avoiding the responsibility of that, we are the Guardian Minister of Solapur, it is our duty to solve the development problems of Solapur, we have forgotten to fill it. However, the Guardian Minister of Solapur and the development of Indapur and Baramati warned that we will not tolerate this. Solapur gets drinking water only once a week. Even agriculture has been waiting for water from Ujjain for years. “If you can’t handle it, we can give it to a third party,” he said. While participating in this agitation, a young grandson breathed a sigh of relief to protest Guardian Minister Bharane’s decision. This movement caught the attention of the citizens.

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