Closed online training system; 94 thousand registered…

Closed online training system; Annoying 94,000 registered teacher trainees

The training program started from June 1 and teachers had 30 days to complete it at their convenience.

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The system has been shut down for two or three days due to problems in the statewide online teacher and senior teacher selection system. Therefore, prospective teachers enrolled for training have to bear the brunt.

The State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT) in association with Infosys Springboard has developed an online training course for teachers in Maharashtra for senior and screening grades. 94,000 teachers have registered for this training. The training program started from June 1 and teachers had 30 days to complete it at their convenience. However, the teachers pointed out that since Thursday there have been problems with the training system and lack of login. As Infosys was upgrading the cloud services in the Springboard system, technical difficulties arose while using the training system. It was also noted that some teachers were not available for training in their subject. Therefore, the question of what is the point of completing the training if the subject is not available was also raised by the interested teachers.

Teachers in training had to suffer all day on Thursday because the system was not connected. The same thing was observed to happen on Friday morning. The state Council for Educational Research and Training, Infosys Springboard, later reported by email that the training system would be shut down for two to three days. The system will be made available to users around the world in a more up-to-date format by keeping it closed for the next two to three days due to technical difficulties resulting from an accident. Therefore, Senior Salary Category and Selection Category Trainees will have ample time to complete the training and will be notified by email when the Infosys Springboard service starts up again.

All updates and additional instructions for this training will be provided to you on time. Infosys Springboard and the State Council for Educational Research and Training have apologized for the inconvenience caused to students due to technical difficulties encountered.

Don’t bother online

For the last two years, due to the Corona outbreak, the teaching process has to be done online. Constantly using computer, laptop or mobile phone is causing neck pain, back pain. Now offering online training for seniors and elites. The technical difficulties of this formation must be taken into account. Completing the training when school starts will be more stressful. Therefore, there is a demand from teachers for high-level selection and training.

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