Charles Sobhraj released in Nepal jail said he is innocent went to Franc…

Charles Sobhraj case: The infamous, vicious and ruthless Charles Sobhraj, who shocked big criminals with his way of committing crimes and escaped many times by dodging prison authorities, was released from Nepal jail on Friday (Dec 23) after years. After his release from prison, Sobhraj said that he had done nothing. After being released from prison, Charles Sobhraj said, “I feel very good. I have a lot to do. I also have to sue many people and the Nepalese government.

Charles claimed that he was falsely implicated. He was put in jail without doing anything. Also Shobhraj said that he is innocent, so he doesn’t feel good or bad. When asked by the media if he would mind being called a serial killer, Sobhraj replied in the affirmative.

Where did you go after being released?
Charles Sobhraj was sent to France on Friday (December 23), hours after his release from a Nepal jail. He served most of his prison term here for murders across Asia in the 1970s. Shobhraj (78) has been released from Kathmandu Central Jail two days after the Supreme Court order. Tell them that the Supreme Court of Nepal ordered Sobhraj’s release and sent him back to his home country.

What is the problem?
Charles Sobhraj is suspected of killing around 20 Western travelers in Asia in the 1970s and 1980s. Sobhraj had been serving a life sentence in a Kathmandu jail since 2003 in connection with the murder of American woman Connie Jo Bronjic in Nepal in 1975. He was convicted of the 2014 murder of Canadian tourist Laurent Carrier and received a second life sentence. Life imprisonment in Nepal means imprisonment for 20 years.

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