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certified financial plan should be taken, it will not bother you in bad times (Full report)



In the event of an accident, not only do you have to spend a lot of money on treatment, but your morale falls, the income is stopped by taking long leave due to the accident. Accidental person gets double killed. In such a situation, health insurance is helpful for you. For this, you should take a certified financial plan. You should take a policy that can be renewed at any time in your life. Here are some important things related to health insurance.

Keep these things in mind

Do not assume capital is wasted

Some people consider taking mediclaim or health insurance a waste of money, which is wrong. This plan protects your life during emergency. Also, your budget does not deteriorate. After paying a little premium, it would be wise to get a health cover of Rs 5-7 lakh.

See, understand then take

Before taking health insurance, understand the terms of the related company properly. In case of critical illness, pre-existing disease and accident, take the plan only by understanding how much health cover the company provides.

Keep renewing

If you take health cover before the age of 40, then you get more unconditional benefits. Diseases are less in puberty. In this sense, insurance companies also keep premiums low for them. By renewing it every year, you will continue to get the benefit of ‘No Claim Bonus’ which will come in handy.

Give correct information

While taking health insurance, give correct information about your medical records. Do not hide chronic disease. If you have hidden or misinformed, the insurance company may withdraw before the start of treatment or refuse to give you the claim later. If you have a chronic disease, you will have to pay some higher premium, but you will still be benefited.

Understand what will be covered and what is not

Every insurance company has its own rules, according to which they make the policy. Before buying a health policy, understand how much and what financial cover will be available in it.

Do not have a limit or sub limit plan

Avoid private room rent limit in the hospital. It is not necessary for you to be kept in which room during the treatment. It is not right for you to set a limit or sub limit by the company for expenses. Keep this in mind while taking the policy.

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