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Campaign Has Become War Over Funds – WASHINGTON



WASHINGTON — The American presidential campaign has devolved into dueling Republican and Democratic street protests, angry faxes, someone dressed as a cigarette butt in need of a shave and fake Indonesian money.
With 15 days to the Nov. 5 election, President Clinton and Republican challenger Bob Dole were in the midwestern states of Ohio and Michigan Monday campaigning while their minions were left in Washington to plot tricks against each other.

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President Clinton reaches out at Cuyahoga Community College

First the Republican Party let out the word that there would be a demonstration in front of the Democratic Party headquarters demanding officials let Democratic fundraiser John Huang answer reporters’ questions.

Republicans wanted Huang to appear publicly to explain why he targeted Asian-Americans with foreign ties to give money to the Democratic National Committee, the party’s administrative and fundraising arm.

Huang was suspended from further fundraising by party officials but they refused to make him available to explain $450,000 from a couple with ties to the Lippo Group banking empire in Indonesia. He also did not explain $250,000 from a South Korean company that was returned after reports the contribution was illegal, nor $140,000 raised in a Buddhist temple in the Los Angeles area.

No sooner had the Republicans let out the word about the mid-afternoon protest, than did Democrats — apparently tipped by some ‘mole’ counterspy — announce a pre-emptive protest in front of Dole campaign headquarters 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the Republican event.

And right on time, a dozen young Democrats appeared and paraded with anti-Dole placards chanting “Dole’s desperate.”

They circled a man with old-fashioned black-and-white wingtip shoes dressed in a shabby costume of a cigarette butt with 5 o’clock shadow.

This was the ‘butt man’ — the wheezing, hacking character that has followed Dole’s campaign around the country protesting his acceptance of tobacco money contributions.

“Tobacco owns Dole,” they shouted to a few reporters and the all-important television cameras. “Dole is desperate.”

But around the feet of “butt-man” were scattered photocopies of Indonesian money symbolizing the Indonesia funding matter embarrassing Democrats, fake money placed there by an anonymous Republican Dole backer.

Fifteen minutes later and not far away, about 25 chanting young Republicans paraded with signs before the Democratic Party headquarters to “free John Huang.”

“Indonesia dough — just say no,” they shouted.

That was the public phase of the campaign in Washington Monday.

Behind the scenes reporters were barraged by “blast faxes” — machines that turn out faxes by the hundreds — with Republicans unveiling a one-page sheet they called “the daily Clinton scandal sheet.”

It contained excerpts of clips about charges Democrats had accepted improper campaign funds, a closing campaign issue Dole hoped would click with voters in order to help him catch up to Clinton in the polls.

Democrats in turn sent their own faxes hitting Dole on his latest proposal generated out of the foreign money campaign affair — reform of campaign finance laws.

The Democrats accused Dole in a fax of “blocking campaign finance reform” for 10 years while he was a Senate leader.

They also made public a new TV ad against Dole, accusing him of “desperate attacks” in raising contributions as an issue and charged he had stopped reforms of the campaign laws.

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Improvement in the nature of the police in the Mahad explosion accident | Enhancement of nature…




Alibag: Three policemen were seriously injured while defusing an improvised explosive device (IED) on March 8 near the Mahad village of Kambale in Mahad taluka. Ashirwad Lagade, a policeman from the bomb squad, was seriously injured in the accident. He has been receiving treatment at the Apollo Hospital in Navi Mumbai for the past two months and his condition is improving, the hospital administration said.

The bomb squad had previously recovered explosives from the Mahad Industrial Police Station. According to him, three Alibag employees had entered Mahad to defuse the explosives. Kamble begins to destroy a stone in Mahad. This time there was a big explosion. Rakesh Doshi, Ramesh Kute and Ashirwad Lagde were injured in the blasts. Ashirwad Lagade’s health was critical. Police rushed him to Apollo Hospital in Navi Mumbai for treatment. He has been undergoing treatment there for the past two months.

The explosion was so intense that he sustained multiple injuries, including many small and large particles to his face, eyes, and abdomen. The cataracts and retina were torn due to the insertion of a large piece of leaf in the left eye. The right arm was broken. There were injuries to sensitive internal organs such as the intestines and liver.

His right ear also hurt and he had several wounds on the side of his abdomen. So Ashirwad had to undergo several surgeries. A team of expert consultants from Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai met and started the treatment, which has now received a positive response from Ashirwad. According to the information given by the doctor, 90% of her vision has returned. Other wounds are healing. The hospital administration estimates that it will take about a year for him to fully recover and return to work.

The police administration has decided to bear all the expenses for the treatment of the three comrades injured in the Mahad explosion. In addition to providing assistance under the Police Welfare Scheme, the Raigad Police Force has established a separate fund for treatment that is not covered by the scheme. We are working hard to ensure that Ashirwad receives the best treatment.”

– Dayanand Gawde, Police Inspector, Local Criminal Investigation Department

‘The intestinal ulcers have healed and now Ashirwad can eat regular meals and his digestion is also becoming normal. We are sure that they will be fully fit during the next year. We are monitoring his health.’

– Dr. Shaleen Dubey, surgeon at Apollo Hospital

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Study Group for Kolkewadi Dam Water Discharge Solution Study Group…




Chiplun: A study group has been created to suggest measures for the release of water from the Kolkewadi dam in the taluka. The group includes nine people, including government officials. A meeting was held on December 15 last year under the chairmanship of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar on the flood situation in Chiplun and Mahad. During the monsoon, flooding in Chiplun city intensifies due to the inflow of water from the Kolkewadi dam, members of the Chiplun Rescue Committee said at the meeting. Therefore, after studying the facts in this regard, the retired Chief Engineer D. NORTH. Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar has ordered the establishment of a study group under the chairmanship of Modak. The group is headed by Deepak Modak, a retired chief engineer from the Department of Water Resources. Dr. Sharad Joshi, a social worker from Chiplun. Prakash Patankar and Sanjeev Anerao from Agro Turismo, Chiplun.

Executive Engineer of the Koyna Irrigation Department, Nitish Potdar, is the Secretary Member of the group and Executive Engineer of the Ratnagiri Irrigation Department, JM Patil, will be the Coordinating Secretary. Impact of discharge from Koyna Avajal in and around Chiplun town during Mahapura in July last year, as well as consolidation of discharge from Kolkewadi Dam during that period The group is expected to carry out a study on carrying capacity from the river. At the same time, it has been given the responsibility of suggesting standardized procedures for future discharge of water from the Kolkewadi Dam.

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No matter how much water ‘Baramati’ is given, they run away from others; Fadnavis’s…




Solapur: The Baramati congregations have flooded all the places till today. Once again, they are sharing the waters of Ujjain. No matter how much water is given to these churches, their thirst is not quenched. Their attitude is that we want everything and on our own platter. The rest of Maharashtra should always remember him and show them their place, said Devendra Fadnavis, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly without appointing NCP Chairman Sharad Pawar.

The ‘Jagar Shetkaryancha-Akrosh Maharashtracha’ campaign launched by Rayat Kranti leader Sanghatana Sadabhau Khot on the issue of farmers has come to an end in Tembhurni in Solapur district, the NCP stronghold. Fadnavis was speaking at the time. Opposition Leader in the Legislative Council Praveen Darekar along with Madha MP Ranjit Singh Nimbalkar, Former Ministers Harshwardhan Patil, Subhash Deshmukh, Vijay Deshmukh, Gopichand Padalkar, Ram Satpute, Rajendra Raut, Rahul Kul, Samadhan Avtade, Dhairyashil Mohite-Patil were present on the occasion.

Fadnavis strongly criticized the NCP for bringing the water from the Ujani dam to Indapur and Baramati, overcoming opposition from Solapurkars. He said that it has already been decided to supply water from the Ujani dam to the Solapur district and from other drought-prone areas. However, efforts are being made to divert the water from the dam.

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