Brake failure hits the truck; three dead

Brake failure hits the truck; three dead

The driver of both vehicles was killed and two others in the car were seriously injured.

Ratnagiri Three people were killed in a head-on collision between a truck and an oncoming car on the Mumbai-Goa highway on Sunday night.

The driver of both vehicles was killed and two others in the car were seriously injured.

The deceased have been identified as Sameer Pradip Shinde (35), his mother Suhasini Pradip Shinde (60) and truck driver Vijesh Vilas Sawant (35, resident of Punas Lanja), Himmatrao Shinde (65) was seriously injured.

The Shinde family hails from Chiplun and currently resides in Mumbai. She had gone to Malvan for an event. The accident took place while he was returning to Chiplun from there.

After the accident, both vehicles fell into the river about 60 to 70 feet below the bridge. Cleaner Jayesh Jayaram Tambe (24, Tal. Lanza) was rescued after being thrown from a truck. He has a minor injury.

The cargo truck (MH-08-AP-5056) was transporting Ganpati shadu soil from Gujarat to Kudal. His brakes failed at Anjanari Ghat. The truck lost control of the slope and landed on the bridge. After realizing that the brakes had failed, the driver did his best to regain control of the truck. At the same time, a private car (MH-02-FR-0015) heading towards Chiplun from Malvan was hit by a truck. So both vehicles fell off the bridge.

After the accident, the surrounding people ran towards the sound. It was dark and I couldn’t see anything. But the loud noise of the accident was heard by many. The police were immediately informed. With the help of the villagers, some young men ventured into the river and immediately began relief work.

The car was wrecked. Four people were trapped in it. The police, with the help of the villagers, broke down the car doors and evacuated the injured.

The injured were taken to Lanza Rural Hospital and then to Ratnagiri for further treatment.

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